Underestimating the fashion sector has never been a good idea. Every time we think a trend has expired forever, the industry surprises us, reviving style guidelines that once swept the past and bringing them into the present. Sometimes it even goes one step further, using pieces that seemed destined for certain uniforms or functions and giving them new meaning. These reinventions become the centerpiece of our wardrobes. This is the case of the choker, the shorter version of a necklace. Its elastic, "tattoo" effect version swept the 90s fashion scene and is now making a comeback in 2024. The truth is that, although our product may differ from the original design, which is traditionally worn very close to the neck, they are necklaces that were born as a reinterpreted version of chokers.

We might think that chokers are a recent trend, however, the piece was first documented around 2500 BC. with the Sumerians. Golden chokers gained recognition in Egypt as symbols of power and healing. Then, over the ages, they took on royal significance, adorning the necks of figures such as Anne Boleyn, Queen Victoria and Queen Alexandra of England. However, it was in the 1920s when they experienced a resurgence, accompanying the entire Art Deco movement. The most extravagant version of the choker could be seen during this time, made from luxurious materials, while designs made of velvet and lace were also beginning to appear.

Despite being previously associated with glamour, the choker soon began to take on new meaning. During the French Revolution, women opposed to the guillotine wore red ribbons as a symbol of protest. However, its greatest boom came much later, well into the 20th century. Precisely in the 90s, when, personalities of the stature of Lady Di had already made them a regular staple in their wardrobe (just look at her revenge dress to confirm the weight a choker gave her outfit!). She opted for pearl designs and other materials that denoted luxury, while simultaneously, many teenagers adopted black ribbons (with and without pendants) and those chokers with a tattoo effect as an expression of rebellion or to give a differentiating air to their outfits. Then, in 2016, they returned to the scene, being part of the aesthetic of many celebrities and women who inspired style. Now it is common to see chokers every day, both on the streets and at red carpet events. Even amidst all the trends that have reigned in recent years, chokers have managed to gain a foothold at the bridal level, starring on the necks of many of the most fashionable brides.

It is clear that we continually witness a flood of chokers in a wide variety of shapes, styles and dimensions. For this reason, and because at Nanna Folk we know that it is one of the most versatile and stylish accessories to captivate eyes and elevate even the simplest look, in our catalog we have several choker designs that are ideal for adding a plot twist to any set.

A choker for every style

All lovers of pearls and elegance will find their best allies in the Alba, Wilma and Gorgonian Perlas choker. The first is made of silver vermeil with irregularly shaped freshwater cultured pearls, combined with tourmaline gemstones. A fantastic option to enliven an everyday look made up of basics, or to complete a party look. The second, however, is a little more striking, being a three-row design composed of freshwater cultured pearls along with their replicas cast in solid Vermeil silver. It looks spectacular with strapless or Bardot necklines (which are also super trendy this year). And, the third, the Gorgonian pearls, This is one of our most sought-after classics: a beautiful choker of small, irregular freshwater cultured pearls with a clasp from our Gorgonian collection.

Each of these three designs can be worn on a multitude of occasions, but one of the most popular is the pearl choker in bridal or guest looks. This comes as no surprise after taking into account the bridal boom they have experienced in recent years thanks to phenomena such as pearlcore, managing to establish themselves as an ideal accessory to give a differentiating air to any outfit. Aesthetic codes are becoming less and less defined in weddings, now, a more sought after approach is to create different style combos to accompany you in your lifelong memories. And, there is no doubt, with chokers doing so is much easier.

If, on the other hand, you are not such a fan of pearls and are looking for a similar, more discreet option without pearls, then your favorite will be the Rocío choker, a beautiful necklace from our Sunrise collection made of vermeil silver that also fulfills a multitask function and adapts well to any occasion, depending on your choice of clothing. 

The Aurora choker is ideal for those who prefer a touch of color, since it is a very feminine design containing three rows of small tourmaline gemstones in its range of colors interspersed between silver vermeil.

Beyond all these options, we also have other single-row options. One of which that never fails is the Lolita, another design in silver vermeil that subtly adds an original touch to any outfit. And, to start preparing the jewelry that will accompany you in the spring/summer 2024 season, you can check which color of Bahia choker you like the most. In rose, green, blue or coral, anyone will surprise you, since the special choker is made up of freshwater cultured pearls strung with silk thread in a variety of tones, knotted one by one, and pearls hand painted with enamel.