It is undeniable to say that, since generation Z took to TikTok as an inexhaustible source of trends, more and more original aesthetics deserve an explanation. One of the latest is the 'Mob Wife Aesthetic', literally translated as “the mafia woman aesthetic”. Although the name may seem a bit controversial, the truth is that you will quickly understand the gist of the look as soon as you read it, simply because of all the content made available to us. Just imagine the great gangster movies that we have seen and that we can take inspiration from to join the trend. The Mob Wife Aesthetic champions elegance, but in its maximalist version. The women who follow her combine elements such as fur coats (either real or synthetic) over completely black outfits, painted nails, red lips, voluminous hairstyles, luxury bags, and oversized, striking sunglasses. Of course, they also opt for bold, golden jewels that further elevate their staging, achieving that imposing and empowering presence that gives them their name.

At Nanna Folk we understand this aesthetic. If someone who hoped on this trend wanted some jewelry to match, we would recommend any of our chokers, but above all the Wilma choker , which, wrapped in pearls, exudes opulence. A slightly more discreet, but striking option would be the Gigi necklace , a piece capable of turning you and your look into the main character.

As for earrings, the ones that best define a Mob Wife are hoops. However, not just any will do; they must be extravagant in order to captivate all the eyes in the room. For this reason, the gold hoops are ideal; although simple, they always manage to add something extra to any look. Even more special and just as beautiful to follow this trend are other designs, such as the Gorgonian, the Colette,< /a> the Charlottes, or the Amelie. And what if you are looking for a set? Without a doubt, the Matilda bracelet  Vermeil with her matching necklace is a perfect option.

However, we understand that the Mob Wife aesthetic is not a bet that everyone likes. For this reason, we will cover another look - the very opposite, in fact, to the mob wife - that was popular in 2023, and is making a promising comeback in 2024: the coquette. The term went viral, and all the fashion experts are talking about it. And it is no wonder; having reviewed some of the latest style trends that have triumphed, it is obvious that, in reality, we had already been flirtatious for months. 

This last bet consists of using hyperfemininity as an ally, and taking all those trends that are considered typical of “girls,” giving them a new, more empowered meaning, and stripping them of the derogatory denotations that they have acquired for years. The flirty aesthetic is passionate about bows, lace, delicate fabrics like silk, and any detail that can be romanticized or reminds us of the clothes we wore as girls in childhood. The Lía Bows earrings, in the shape of a bow, are a good way to join this aesthetic, as well as any pearl pieces. In addition, our Darlene rings with heart pendant can also be used to achieve this look, or our jewelry with meaning, which includes necklaces with your initials to and bracelets that act as amulets.

Whether you decide to join the Mob Wife aesthetic, or the Coquette, we only offer you advice on how to achieve the look. However, on our website you can find a multitude of designs that adapt perfectly to both trends. Take a look, choose your favorites, and start dressing like the girls who know the most about style of the moment.