To say that men's fashion has undergone a transformation in recent years is a no-brainer. The fashion dictates of the catwalks sentence it, style icons such as Harry Styles or Timothée Chalamet demonstrate it and, the street style sentences the evidence: there are hardly any limits between male and female wardrobes, and the garments tend to be more and more plural and genderless. And, as expected, the same thing happens in the field of jewelry. It is now common to see men everywhere wearing rings, earrings, and even one of the trends that has gained the most followers and popularity in their wardrobe in recent years: necklaces. 

Necklaces have gone from being an exclusively feminine accessory to being an integral part of the most fashionable masculine looks. We have seen it on numerous occasions, but it has been the filmmaker Javier Ambrossi who has recently shown it to us in one of the looks that he has worn to attend the Mask singer television program. He, who is one of the most groundbreaking style icons in our country (he always stands out for his original looks and has even walked the runway in the latest edition of Madrid Fashion Week) has combined navy blue trousers with a tie-dye t-shirt in the same color and… our Stella necklace! Available in our web catalog.

The necklace Stella It is a beautiful design of cultured freshwater pearls, blue jade and kyanite that stands out on its own, no matter how it is styled. It is an adjustable choice that, although Ambrossi has brought it in its short version and attached to the neck, it can be extended to different heights. The best? As he himself has shown us, it is an ideal choice to complete both a female and a male outfit. Or what is the same: an ideal bet both for you and to share (or give as a gift) to your brother, your boyfriend or anyone you appreciate and who likes to break the codes and express their style through fashion. 

If we go back years, in fact, centuries ago in Ancient Rome, we find that upper-class men were already betting on necklaces as a status symbol, so it should not be any surprise to see how now they are once again incorporated into the men's wardrobe with such success. Different civilizations and cultures already bet on them long before we relegated them only to the women's wardrobe, but now that we find ourselves in a context of social change and, fortunately, much more egalitarian, it is clear that the norms are changing. Necklaces now come in a wide variety of styles and materials to suit all individual tastes and preferences – from chunky, statement chains to more delicate, minimalist options. We at Nanna Folk have alternatives for every style and occasion. Beyond the Stella, we offer you other versatile designs capable of adapting to any look, such as the Jana chain necklace, or the curve (in its size S O in the L, depending on the height you prefer) or other more daring ones such as the sasha.

The rich and varied history of necklaces, along with their ability to add style and personality, makes them a popular choice. And the recent appearance of Javier Ambrossi wearing one of our necklaces proves it. There are no longer any barriers.