Design your wedding jewelry with Nanna Folk

Few dates are as special as your wedding, a magical moment where love and happiness come together to create an unforgettable memory. On such a unique day, every detail is important and must be carefully chosen to reflect the beauty and emotion of that big day. 

At Nanna Folk we want to accompany you to live your dreams and symbolize your love. That is why we have created an atelier in which we give life to unique jewels for unforgettable ceremonies, the kind that will remain in your memory for a lifetime. If until now we had a sales catalog for festive occasions and other more informal ones, now we are expanding the offer and we offer you the possibility that you are the one in charge of making your idea come true. With great enthusiasm and affection, we have decided to go one step further and offer you a personalized and unique experience. 

We want to be part of your bridal styling, but also of the details of your guests, so from now on we have several spaces where we can give life to exclusive jewels, designed 100% to your liking. Since the earrings that you will wear as the absolute protagonist, going through the wedding rings, up to the medals of the bouquet, the gifts of the guests or, also, the jewels of the bridesmaids. Living the experience by your side will be a pleasure for us. 


How does our wedding jewelry service work? 

If you are not very clear, do not worry, we will explain it to you. We try to offer you a 360º service, from start to finish. For this we have created several spaces. In our office you can ask us any questions or concerns; In our showroom you can see our creations up close and appreciate the unique details of each piece, as well as find the inspiration you need to think about which jewels will accompany you to say "yes, I do" or the gifts that you will give to all the guests. In addition, in our workspace, the atelier, each of our jewels is designed and manufactured by hand with great attention to detail and care, according to your preferences. This is where the magic happens, and where your ideas become unique works of art. You command, we obey. 

Our atelier is much more than a simple jewelry workshop, it is a place where your wishes take shape and become reality. A space where we listen to you, study your guidelines, exchange ideas, once approved we turn them into jewels and...voila, we give them to you so that they can be allies in what promises to be one of the happiest days of your life. 

If you are looking for a unique jewel for your wedding, we invite you to make an appointment by Whatsapp 691808214 or through our email address and meet with us. We would love to live this experience with you and help you feel (even more) special on your big day. Let us be part of your love story and create unique jewelry that represents your union for life.