Wedding in sight?: all about wedding bands

You may be thinking of getting married, you may have simply come here out of curiosity, or you may be helping someone close to you with their wedding. At Nanna Folk we make it easy for you, because if you have reached this news it means that you need to know more information about ceremonies or that you do not know which alliance to choose for a wedding. To clear up unknowns, we tell you a fact: the engagement ring matters, but according to tradition, the wedding band is essential. Because? Easy: it is the most durable jewel of marriages. And there is even more: because it is the only one that is placed during the wedding. 

Where is the alliance placed?

Wedding rings must go on the ring finger (which is the fourth if you count from the little finger) and, although their staging may vary depending on the country, in Spain, they are usually always placed on the right hand. It is no coincidence, because history tells that in ancient times this finger was raised as a symbol of eternal love because its vein -known as the 'vena amoris'- was the only one that reached the heart. It was later when, already during Christianity, priests and priests began to touch these rings and made them official as a symbol of love during ceremonies. Thus, and from that very moment, religion ruled that by wearing the alliance on this finger, we would symbolize the direct connection between love and the heart.

At what point in the wedding is the alliance placed?

That these jewels are placed on the finger of loved ones during the wedding is not the result of chance either. They represent the eternal bond between couples and, being the epitome of romance, union and commitment, the alliances are exchanged at the most special moment of the link: just after the wedding vows and, seconds before saying "yes, wanna".

Who wears these alliances to the wedding?

Traditionally, the role of the bearers of the alliances is played by the pages or children of honor. If they could not be there, they would be the godparents or the witnesses. They attend the ceremony and are in charge of transporting these precious jewels to the altar.

A curious fact…

Do you know why wedding rings are round and tend not to change their silhouettes? You may have ever thought about it. Its circular shape represents the loop of love: as there is no end in circles, only eternity remains.

What materials can the alliances be made of?

Despite all the rules and traditions that govern the aesthetics and use of this type of ring, on the other hand, the materials of the alliances can be of whatever the couple wishes. Here there are no limits and, although the most common are gold and silver, they can also be made in platinum, titanium or stainless steel.

Of course, we at Nanna Folk recommend you choose a good material that does not harm your skin and that you can wear without fear, since you will do it every day of your life. In our catalog we have some designs that can be an option, not only beautiful, but also an ally of your life. Simple bets that will remind you of the most special day of your life, but also that will represent your love and affection for your partner. 

In our online store you can check some models. There are designs for all tastes: more minimalist, with some differentiating detail or one of those that attract attention at first sight. The decision is literally in your hands, but if you have any questions or need professional advice, at Nanna Folk we have just open a wedding atelier in which we have not only a static proposal, but also a workshop in which we can make a customized, personalized and exclusive order to make that big day even more special.