Being the perfect guest goes through choosing the right accessories: why earrings are key and how to always get it right

In the middle of the WBC season, we couldn't stop recommending the best options to be the perfect guest.

We all dream of the same thing when invited to one of the events in spring – also known as the BBC season in Spain, of weddings, baptisms and communions – and, in addition to choosing the clothes that best fit us, the colors that suit us the most and the silhouettes with which we feel more comfortable, we must not forget the jewelry. Because being comfortable means being pretty, but if we also add some earrings that complete the style, the result will be spectacular. .

We talk about earringsbecause they are the accessory that cannot be missing: while a necklace can sometimes overload the style or, directly, not match depending on the neckline, earrings will always be successful. It doesn't matter if you wear your hair up or down, they are the finishing touch to be the perfect guest in any circumstance. Our Gorgonian Collection has the best examples for those determined women, who know what they want and like to attract attention. Marine-inspired and handcrafted with an intricate vermeil silver finish, there are several options for all tastes: with pearls, for the most classic; in cascade, for the most sophisticated; or coral-shaped for the most daring.


Continuing with pearls and elegance, the set of Fiona earrings with his matching necklace is perfect for brightening up darker looks. Instead, with the model Amelie or the Bruna, we can bring calm to a printed dress, for example. With the pebbles earrings of pearls and chains we can give balance to a more open neckline or a dress with thin straps and with the model Valentina, the right dose of color to a simpler outfit. 



Our favorite for evening looks is the earring Aura. The reasons are simple: its asymmetry gives the character and determination necessary for the night and its brightness is ideal to stand out among the stars. They can also be combined with the button earring from the same collection that can be used on a daily basis and give an elegant touch to any style.


On the other hand, and moving away from large, long earrings or earrings that stand out above the stylingor, the stack trend is an infallible and very popular option among the youngest: they choosedo the most beautiful pieces of our collection, such as the models Oriana, Love, Aphrodite and even some composition of our Studs. The key is to choose the shapes that most inspire us or best match our personality and the colors that are consistent or complementary to our style. They feel good from 15 to 40 and can also be used on a daily basis.