Ananda Necklace

Material: Plata de ley
Nanna Folk diseña y crea todas sus joyas de manera artesanal, todo el proceso es controlado paso a paso para poder ofrecer siempre la mejor calidad. Utilizamos materiales nobles, plata de ley 925 y baños de oro de 18/24 quilates.

 Did you know that the main property of Tourmaline is that it is a powerful channel of energy and that it transforms the negative into the positive?

It is also used to attract love, good humor, luck, self-confidence and emotional balance.

Elephants attract good luck, long life, wisdom, ward off envy and attract abundance.

Our Ananda necklace stems from the inspiration of Nanna in one of her trips to India, it is a design that unites everything she wanted to offer to the people she loves and this is how this special design was born, full of positive energy!

The elephant is made of sterling silver with 18 karat gold bath

The rosary chain is handmade with gold-plated silver thread and tourmaline, it can be adjusted from 35 to 45 cm., The elephant measures 13 mm wide and 12 high.

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When we have sent your order, you will receive an email with a link to track it. In case of absence, the courier company will contact you to agree on a schedule that best suits your preferences. 


Here are some simple tips to maintain the shine of your jewel and learn how to take care of it.

  • We recommend removing you  jewelry when you shower, bathe in the pool or sea or exercise.
  • Avoid spraying perfume, applying creams, cosmetics  or any other liquid directly on your jewelry.
  • Store your jewelry away from extreme temperatures, humidity, or sunlight.
  • Avoid wearing your jewelry when using bleach, cleaning products, and other chemicals.
  • Store your jewelry in a jewelry box or other appropriate box for it, the ideal is to store your jewelry separately, so that they are not scratched, the chains flat and closed so they do not get tangled.
  • To make your jewelry look radiant and to remove dirt build-up, we recommend using a soft cloth to prevent scratching, it can also be cleaned with warm water and pH neutral soap.

If you need any clarification you can contact us and we will gladly help you to solve your doubts.

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