2024 will be a year of extremes: 'grandpacore' and 'girlhood' jewelry to get ahead of the trends

Saying that there are a few new trends in the fashion universe is an undoubtable fact. Garments, accessories and items that were worn in the past frequently make a comeback in our looks from the hand of designers and fashion experts, who, with their collections and styles, provide us with the guidelines to create our own. However, if we had to choose two major trends that have dominated in 2023, and that promise to continue in force in 2024, we would speak, without a doubt, of two completely opposite styles: grandpacore and girlhood. In case their names do not give you the keys to understand what it is about, we will tell you, because although they are completely contradictory, both achieve the same success. The first, grandpacore, consists of dressing in clothes that your grandparents would wear; while the second, on the other hand, invites us to wear clothes that could perfectly be inspired by the trends that you wore when you were a child. We are not making up the data. One of the most recent reports from the Pnterest content platform confirms this: both grandpacore and girlhood are two of the searches that have garnered the most numbers on its website in recent months. Chance? If we review the clothes we have in our closets, we can firmly say no.

To identify if you have already joined grandpacore, analyze your wardrobe. If you have oversized blazers with shoulder pads, knitted vests (buttoned or not), high-waisted tailored trousers with pleats, pleated midi skirts, oversized sweaters, court shoes with wide and low heels, or berets, then you may already be dressing in this aesthetic. You might even be doing it by wearing the jewelry that your grandparents would wear... On our website we show you some pieces that can help you identify the grandpacore, or join it. On the one hand, what grandfather doesn't have a bold ring like a seal as thick as a seal or one with a special shape that holds a story to tell? For instance, our Talía ring,  In a very feminine version, it could be a good option to imitate the style of the seals. Same as him tiny bubbles It is one of those special ones that attracts attention in any hand, and about which people always sparks questions.

We know it: reliefs are always preferred by grandparents. Therefore, we also invite you to take a look at the entire bubble collection, which could perfectly fit under this trend. However, something that fully alingns with it is the trend of wearing pearls. Since pearlcore became one of the guidelines to follow, we can't help but focus even more on those pearl jewelry that ladies wear and that give an instant classic touch to any look, as well as a twist. very elegant and sophisticated. They never fail! If you like them, in Wilma and Pearl Obsession you will find your paradise. Choose some bold, large design, and start recreating the looks from your grandmother's photo album.

However, pearls are also the first jewels that accompany many of us in our early years, so they are also a magnificent option to follow the girlhood trend, which is inspired by children's wardrobe. Who has not ever worn one? bracelet or some Pearl earrings when I was a kid? Girlhood preaches precisely that: recovering all the trends that we wore as babies and at school, and adapting them to the most current style trends. From t-shirts with drawings, through colored tights and bows, to Barbiecore or the flirty aesthetic full of tulle and hyperfeminine elements. At Nanna Folk we also have jewelry that is ideal for inspiration in this style. The colorful ones from Bahia will fill your looks with that innocent and childish joy, earrings like the Little Swetie Galaxy (matching her namesake necklace) They bring back figures such as hearts or stars, and other very significant ones, such as meaningful jewels They are ideal to wear with friends or family and recreate those moments in which wearing matching jewelry was synonymous with friendship and affection.

Although these are the two main trends that will continue their legacy in 2024, there are many others that are also being very popular and to which you can join discreetly by adding jewelry in line with their guidelines. The tiny girl, for example, opts for minimal cuts that you can show off thanks to our chains. Old Money seeks maximalism and opulence in its maximum essence, as happens with our Gorgonians,  and many other aesthetics that are emerging can be imitated with many of the proposals we have available. on our website. We invite you to discover them all.