Exploring the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe with the most successful jewelry

If we can boast of anything in Europe, it is live one of the most beautiful Christmases in the world. There are hardly any cities that resist filling our spirit with the magic of this long-awaited date. The streets illuminate their sidewalks with spectacular light figures that guide us along the route, the shop windows are decorated with ornaments that immerse us fully in the season, and the main squares and streetes are engulfed away by the bustle and meetings that form around their Christmas markets. Mulled wine, marzipan, crafts... There are few better plans than completing the home celebrations that we encounter outside. Of course, to do so, we give more and more importance to our looks. We know it's going to be cold...but that doesn't stop us from looking appropriate and stylish. For this reason, this year at Nanna Folk we are visiting some of the most impressive markets on our continent, and after analyzing what they offer us, we will tell you some tips for choosing the most suitable jewelry capable of successfully completing your outfits. Have you already planned where you are going to escape this year? Here are the jewels that you can pack in your suitcase… and the most Christmassy European destinations for which it is worth booking a trip.

What jewelry to wear to a Christmas market?

When it comes to celebrating outdoors, under the cold that characterizes the season, it is essential to follow two pieces of advice: be comfortable, but at the same time elegant and appropriate for the festive occasion. Therefore, since you are probably walking a lot and exploring different stalls, it is essential that you choose jewelry that is lightweight and easy-to-wear. To look fabulous 24/7 and go from wooden shed to wooden shed, we recommend options that add a plot twist to your outfits immediately, without excesses, such as earrings Gorgonian circle, the pebbles one, two O three, or any of the studs (You can even combine several). There are many options you can play with. Pairs like Margot, The Bar o lus Anette They allow you to show off several different stagings.

Also, another classic option that is always a standout is to wear hoops, earrings that elevate any look and that, depending on the design, can be a basic option to wear any day you go, or one that is a little more special. You can choose a simple bet like our gold earrings, a little more festive like the Gorgonians, or a differentiator like any of the Colettes or the Calculate. In fact, to go even more in line and achieve a much more Christmassy nod that is reminiscent of the balls that decorate our trees at home, you can even bet for the pearls, a classic option that never fails. In necklaces, bracelets, earrings... they will always add a traditional touch that will stand out with the rest of the clothes you wear.

You can also go a step further and choose jewelry that incorporates festive colors like red, green, gold, or silver. These colors evoke the Christmas atmosphere and integrate perfectly with the flea market theme. Earrings Maui red coral They attract attention on their own, and the collar Zahara It can be the most successful when the theme is about Christmas dressing. In more subtle touches and, if you prefer green, you can choose discreet outfits like the Anette ring with their matching earrings!

Many of us like to live these dates in style, and we travel to other cities precisely to achieve this purpose. Sometimes we even have dinner standing up at the markets and then go out through the cities to see the spectacular lighting that decorates the streets or go to a gala. For these occasions when we may extend the days a little more, we can choose elegant options such as any of our latest collection, Sunrise. It's super elegant.

The cities in Europe with the best Christmas markets

Although in Spain we find very complete activities and markets in cities like Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Granada or even in Vigo (you have to go see its lights!), if we want to make a more special trip outside our borders, these are the destinations that are sweeping this year according to statistics and the best travel guides. Aim!:

Budapest, Hungary

From the end of November until the Christmas season, the attractive historic center of this city is illuminated with sparkles and festive motifs. Budapest's transformation has two centers of activity. First of all, Vörösmarty Square, where the largest and liveliest market in the city (and the country as a whole) is located. On the other hand, the esplanade in front of St. Stephen's Basilica, where a Christmas fir tree, an ice skating rink and a series of wooden stalls transform one of the most picturesque images of the city.

Metz, France

Metz offers us the most beautiful Christmas in all of France. Get a cup of chocolate or mulled wine and let yourself be surprised by each of the markets that adorn the main squares of the city (Saint Louis, Saint-Jacques, Comédie and République). Soar your view over the rooftops with the City Skyliner, ride the carousel, explore the magical 'Sentiers des Lanternes' with animated trees, buy gourmet delights on the Place de la Comédie and visit the Ferris wheel next to the Cathedral.


Salzburg, Austria

Those who visit the capital of the Salzkammergut region at this time of year will discover a lively and charm Salzburg. Its Christmas market, Christkindlmarkt, was already underway in the 15th century around the Cathedral, at the foot of the imposing Hohensalzburg fortress. Salzburg's Christmas cultural program is enriched by various nativity scene exhibitions and a wide range of events, such as the "Adventblasen" concert, where the Salzburger Turmbläser ensemble delights with their wind instruments.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna hosts its main Christmas market, the Christkindlmarkt, on Rathausplatz, or Town Hall Square. Around 150 stalls offer Christmas gifts, tree decorations, sweets and hot drinks. The trees in the Rathauspark, the park in front of the Town Hall, are decorated and create a sea of ​​colored lights. On the ground floor of the town hall, children can enjoy making Christmas candles or pastries; while inside, international choirs sing Christmas carols for free.

For its part, Schönbrunn Palace has a Christmas market and a New Year's Eve market that offer a wide variety of traditional crafts, handmade jewelry and rustic-style decorative elements for the Christmas tree. 

Poznań, Poland

The Poznan Christmas Market is located in the heart of the city, on the historic Plac Powszechnej Wystawy Krajowej square, in front of the Dworzec Zachodni train station.

More than 43,000 LED lights, a 16-meter Christmas fir tree, a Ferris wheel of more than 30 meters, the only outdoor ice rink in the city, more than 70 stalls with crafts and gastronomy, and more than 20 places to take photographs and preserve the moment.

Govone y Asti, Italy

Il Magico Paese di Natale, in the Piedmont region, represents the most beautiful and busiest Christmas market in Italy, taking place in Asti, where the food and craft stalls are located, and in Govone, which is home to La Casa di Babbo Natale and an amazing musical show in the castle, one of the Residences of the royal house of Savoy recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Whichever one you go to, you'll be sure to get it right. We remind you that in our catalog you will find the most special jewelry to always carry with you, or even great options to give as gifts on these dates. There is no better companion than a piece of jewelry to celebrate in style, and put the best finishing touch to the year.