3 different methods to know the ring size you need

Any jewelry enthusiast will know that choosing a ring is quite a challenge. Although we usually have a clear idea of the aesthetic we want, when it comes to coordinating it with the size, the real challenge appears. We know: how to know the size of a ring Without having a sizer it is not an easy task, and we do not even want to have to remove it with soap and water, nor, much less, lose it because it is too large. Even less if we want buy a ring to give as a gift! Now that rings are sweeping jewelry trends, especially wearing them in stackable, it is essential to learn, once and for all, the keys to follow to choose the right size.

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For this reason, and in response to many of the requests we receive at Nanna Folk, below we offer you some tips and tricks on how to measure a ring size at home without the need to have a specialized meter. Take note, because from now on you will be an expert:


How to know the size of a ring without a measurement tool?

Before we dive into the techniques for determining a ring size, it is essential to understand the importance of this aspect. A ring that does not fit properly can be uncomfortable to wear and, in the worst case, as we have told you, it can be at risk of being lost. What we are always looking for is to have a perfectly fitted ring (that does not move, but is not impossible to remove either). We want one that perfectly highlights the beauty of the hands, a design that, in addition to being beautiful, is an accessory that can be worn with pride. You can choose from minimalist bets such as the Otilia or the Ingrid Chain, to more striking ones, such as Gorgonian, Tiny Bubbles, or the Bubbles Cuf.


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Method 1: Use a ring you already have

This method can be of great help. Look for a ring that you already have and that fits you - or fits the other person - perfectly on your finger. Surely if you search carefully you have some basic design like the lonely man, the Bianca O Amanda. If so, measure the inner diameter of the ring with a ruler or caliper in millimeters. Of course, it is important that you make sure to measure from the inside of the ring, from one end to the other.

You got it? Well now compare the measurement obtained with a ring size conversion table. You will easily find tables online that show the correspondence between the measurement in millimeters and the ring size.


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Method 2: Use a tape measure or thread

If you don't usually wear rings frequently and are now going to venture into doing so, we offer you another tip that is very useful.

First, wrap a tape measure or piece of thread gently around the finger you plan to wear the ring on. Then mark the point where the end intersects and measure the length in millimeters. Note: Make sure you do this precisely and without squeezing your finger too much. Finally, consult a ring size conversion chart to determine the appropriate size… and, based on your measurements, choose a design. You can choose it according to your mood: for the most romantic ones we recommend wearing one of the Darlenes, If you feel empowered and groundbreaking Double Chain, to go to the latest and be the most trendy stacking bubbles… You choose.


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Method 3: Consult a professional jeweler

If you still have doubts about the ring size, the safest option is to visit a professional jeweler. You can turn to us! We are used to serving you every day, so we can easily guide you in choosing one of our rings, or help you follow the steps we told you above so that you can accurately choose the ring size. In addition, we can also provide you with advice on the ring styles that best suit the occasion and taste.


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As you have seen, determining a women's ring size without a sizer is possible using simple and accessible methods. Either using a reference ring, a tape measure, a thread, or consulting us. Finding the right size is essential to ensure that the ring is comfortable and stylish. So the next time you are faced with the question "how to know the size of a ring for women?", remember these practical methods and enjoy the excitement of choosing the perfect gift, even if it is for yourself!