October Adorns Itself in Pink: Why Tourmaline is the Stone of the Month

Symbolism occupies a fundamental and essential part of our lives. Whether or not you are more of a follower of her, whether you believe more or less, you surely know which zodiac sign you belong to and your decisions may even have been conditioned by what the horoscope predicted. It is even likely that if you are one of the most superstitious you have ever bought a piece of jewelry with a drawing that represents it engraved on it. Well, we have something to tell you: precious stones also play a fundamental role in your life, since, depending on the month in which you were born, there is one that represents you. And this month of October it is the pink tourmaline that decides to bring us back the barbiecore to accompany all Libras and Scorpios who were born on this date. It can be on its own, as part of the home decoration or to always carry in your purse, or, as we propose, in one of our birthstone necklaces, which in addition to being very meaningful, are a delicate and elegant option to accompany any look on a daily basis. Of course, before getting one, either for yourself or to give a gift to someone who has a birthday during these weeks, it is important that you know what it represents, since it carries with it a deep meaning and a connection with the personality of those who they use it.

Pink tourmaline, which is associated with the heart chakra (anahata), is related to love and compassion.  It has healing powers to open and purify the chakra organ with which it is associated,  It promotes inner peace and reconciliation, and also attracts happiness and abundance for those who possess it. Furthermore, as a protective stone against negative energies, it provides the necessary balance and promotes understanding and eternal love. Yes, it is not little... and its meaning is so beautiful that boasting about it, with our Birthstone Tourmaline October necklace, made of vermeil, seems like a fantastic option to always carry with you a reminder of  identity and its features, in addition to one of the most loved pieces of any jeweler.


The power of tourmaline

Still, did you know that tourmaline also has a powerful meaning in general? Its spiritual connotation says that it is an ideal option to have more energy, that it attracts prosperity and that it is a stone capable of dispelling fears. We love using it as an amulet! For this reason, in our catalog we have several options for jewelry with tourmalines ideal to wear 24/7.

If you like necklaces and are looking for an option almost as special as the birthstone, the collar Puffy Letters inicial & birthstones, Puffy Letters chain with initial and el collar Puffy Letters with tourmalines is perfect for you. You choose the letter that completes them! That is, beyond having this protection it provides, it is also personalized with the name you want to add. The same happens with the virgin girl medal, the most special and beautiful alternative to feel the warmth of the Virgin, and at the same time the security that tourmaline gives us. Furthermore, as we have seen among the influencers who inspire us the most in fashion, religious jewelry Right now they are a trend among believing girls. We say it, but also some of the most recent looks of girls like Maria Pombo, Maria Garcia de Jaime or Victoria Federica. 


You may prefer a simpler option, but at the same time original. We also have it: the Brianda tourmaline necklace, a chain of interlocking elongated links textured with glitter and faceted tourmalines; If you are looking for earrings to combine, the pink tourmaline aura They will be a perfect option.

For its part, among these more discreet (and still colorful) models you can also find the Tourmaline Pebbles, O the Cassandra. The latter is a great choice if you are a fan of layering necklaces. And… speaking of layering, with the Gretel You can play with various positions and have several necklaces (and even bracelets) in one! In fact, if you are one of those who likes maximalism and are not afraid to take risks, it is a fantastic option to combine with the Pebbles tourmaline bracelet, another design that also speaks for itself, and that you can even combine with its matching necklace and the pendientes Pebbles Tourmaline & Chain.  Of course, if you choose the complete kit, show it off with simple clothes. You won't need anything else.



You may or may not have noticed, but we'll tell you. Anklets are in fashion! Celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence or Hailey Bieber have shown us this in their most admired outfits, both on red carpets and in those they wear on the asphalt. For this reason, and so that you can join this trend, we also have an anklet with tourmalines that will make you fall in love with just seeing it, but even more so when you put it on: the anklet  tobillera aretta.



A stone for each month

If iyou finally decide to add the October birthstone necklace, with pink tourmaline, to your jewelry box, you should know a little about the history that gave rise to it.

The tradition of relating specific months to gemstones has ancient roots dating back to biblical times. In the book of Exodus, a chest ornament for the high priest, Aaron, is described.  adorned with twelve precious stones, each representing one of the twelve tribes of Israel. Over time, these stones became associated with the zodiac signs and eventually linked to the months of the year, creating the tradition of birthstones. From there its fame expanded, and there are even cultures and religions, such as Hinduism, where precious stones are linked to the celestial bodies instead of the months of birth.

While there have been marketing techniques exploiting the relationship between stones and identities, changing their dates, names, or colors, we review the actual data below, along with the necklaces we have on sale with precious or semi-precious stones. So, if you weren't born in October, you can still choose your birthstone!



From January to December: which stone to choose

The first of all, January,  welcomes the year as it should: with garnet to give physical form to love, passion and devotion. February, For its part, amethyst is the best host to guarantee tranquility, control impulses and relieve stress. In fact, amethyst is, for many Greeks, a method that they carry with them believing that it protects them from the effects of drunkenness.

¿and march? We couldn't expect anything less than the aquamarine one. In a month in which spring begins, this stone related to the sea takes over its days to transmit patience, stability and serenity. 

The white topaz, instead, it takes over April. They are attributed to her  healing properties, purifying both actions and emotions and, they say, providing protection against negative karma.

Beyond its famous relationship with hope, the Emerald, in green, contributes to people born in Maylove, friendship, union, and even healing through healing powers.

In June it is the turn of the moon stone. It represents deep values such as friendship and love, and is also associated with health and wealth in various cultures. Additionally, in some traditions, it is considered the stone of prophecy: wearing it during the full moon is believed to confer abilities to foresee the future.

July, Instead, he associates ruby with blood. Like other birthstones, it is related to genuine and passionate love, but on this occasion he focuses his attention on strengthening family and friendly ties. Its positive energy also helps to gain self-confidence.

The peridot August stars to give a push to those born in this month and encourage them to achieve their dreams. Additionally, it acts as a powerful shield against negative energies and attracts good luck into your life.

September It is the month of the sapphire, associated with the throat chakra. Represents wisdom, communication and  expression, and favors our serenity and mental balance.

November, for its part, is citrine quartz, and is associated with the solar chakra. So, following its light, It goes hand in hand with creativity and prosperity, and helps us clarify our thoughts.

The month of December, the one that ends the year, could not be other than that of tanzanite. Found by the Masai community, this stone, which varies between a deep blue and a purple tone, depending on the angle from which it is observed, instills tranquility and positivity. It also exudes self-confidence, and repels toxic energies from our lives.