Colored necklaces: the trend you will not stop seeing this spring/summer 2024 season!

Of all the jewelry trends that are triumphing this year, there is one that is very appropriate for the spring/summer season. The trend of colored necklaces that we saw, again and again, on catwalks during the last Fashion Weeks, and that we also do not stop seeing in the looks of the most stylish girls on Instagram and TikTok, is still very strong. 

This season, when the sun shines through our windows and the wardrobe calls for lighter clothes, statement necklaces come to the scene. They do it with joy, getting into the festive spirit and filling our outfits with striking touches typical of the spring season. There is no doubt that, after Easter, the perfect time comes to leave neutral tones behind and give way to the explosion of color that so characterizes this season.

With the change of wardrobe, and at this moment, at Nanna Folk we change the winter chip to show you those jewels inspired by the vibrant nature that surrounds us and the joy of life that spring emanates. For this reason, our necklaces are not only accessories, but authentic statements of style and good humor, capable of harmonizing your days, and your outfits. From the softest pastel tones to the boldest and most vibrant colors, here's why our collection of colorful necklaces are designed to enhance any outfit and add a touch of freshness and vibrancy to your outfit.

In our web catalog you will find necklaces of all styles. On the one hand, we have a selection of very elegant designs that incorporate small touches of color that combine sophistication with the spirit of these months. Designs like Lucrecia Blues or Lucrecia Pastel , or Aurora or Cordelia add sparkles that will elevate your look immediately, but in a subtle way. If, on the other hand, you are one of those who do not like to give up any trend, you can take a look at all the models that mix pearls and colors, the two most popular style trends of this summer season. Options like the Belize , any of the Bahia , the Cassandra or the Melissa will accompany you on a daily basis, and are very flattering to also wear on your days along the coast. 

You may just be looking for bead designs, that teenage trend that we have recovered thanks to the return of all the 'Y2K' fever, the one that brings us back the fashion patterns that reigned in the early 2000s. If so, then You may find in Tourmaline , in the Puffy Letters with Tourmalines, in the Puffy Letters with Rainbow initial or in the Brianda Tourmaline what you are looking for. A tip: wear them in layering. They look great layered over the neckline or a monochrome dress or t-shirt in which they stand out.

In long format, to give a more bohemian air to your outfits, we distinguish several models. The Puffy Letters with chains and tourmalines is one of the most special, but we also find proposals like the Rainbow Pearl or any of the Fiji. 

And if the surfer style is more your thing, we also have alternatives for you: the Puka Shar and the Waikiki . For a more tropical feel, we love the Noa , the Malibú or the Zahara. We like the colorful necklace designs so much that it is difficult for us to choose, so we recommend that you visit our website, and in the necklaces section, choose the one that best suits you. 

Plus, we also have more good news. As we have seen on the catwalks, the trend of marine-inspired jewelry is back in fashion. To make your job easier, you can read more about it in this article and get ahead of the trend before it begins to flood the most stylish looks on the streets. 

Whether you are walking through the city, enjoying an afternoon in the countryside or dancing under the stars on a summer night, our necklaces are designed to accompany you at every moment and highlight your personality. Don't wait any longer to give a touch of joy and color to your outfits this season. Discover the Nanna Folk necklace collection and let yourself be infected by the magic of spring.