Full color and movement! These are the jewels to bring to the fairs in the South of Spain.

In a world where trends come and go with lightning speed, there's something about deep-rooted traditions that never go out of style.

In recent times, we have witnessed a renewed fever for Spanish fairs, in particular the iconic Seville Fair , the charming Córdoba Fair and the emerging Jerez Fair . What were once considered local events have become the epicenter of a cultural movement that has captured the leisure and tradition of young and old alike, redefining what it means to immerse yourself in the authenticity of Spanish culture. In this resurgence of Spanish fairs, we find a deep connection with the roots and soul of Spain, a link that resonates powerfully with our Nanna Folk philosophy.


Inspired by folklore and rooted in Spain's rich arts and crafts tradition, our brand finds its purpose in celebrating Spanish heritage, capturing the essence of every holiday, every dance and every story that flows through the cobbled streets and the sunny squares of this vibrant country in the Lolita collection.

As soon as you see it it is easy to discover: all the jewels that are part of it pay tribute to the beauty and grace of flamenco clothing that is proudly displayed at Spanish fairs. Each of its pieces is impregnated with the essence of these fairs, with the April fair being the starting point, the basis that has led us to design each of the ones that make it up.

Earrings like the simple Lolita ones , the long ones or the colorful Enamel ones swing with the same elegance as the flamenco dresses, imitating their movement. They make it to match other proposals for necklaces and bracelets that you can consult at this link, you will see that they are also fluid and move in time with the body. In them, the colored dots that we find have a clear origin: the polka dots that cover these beautiful traditional garments.


The history of the Feria de Abril, the Seville fair, began in 1846, when councilors José María Ibarra and Narciso Bonaplata conceived the idea of organizing an annual event that would last three days and take place in the month of April. And, although at that time this event functioned as a meeting point between merchants and ranchers to meet periodically to exchange products and animals, over time it evolved into what it is today: a large catwalk of carriages, music, booths and clothing. of flamenco. In fact, in recent years we have witnessed a resurgence of fascination with flamenco dress and flamenco dancing, especially among the younger generations. The Seville Fair 2024 has been an epicenter of this trend, attracting crowds of people seeking to immerse themselves in the vibrant and lively atmosphere that defines this incomparable event. It is here where, from those dances, that unsurpassed grace that is breathed in these events, and the striking aesthetics of those exquisitely crafted costumes, the place since at Nanna Folk we found inspiration to create Lolita, a collection full of joy, unique and timeless. …like all these fairs . For us, true beauty lies in connecting with our roots, celebrating our history, and perpetuating our most beloved traditions.