Tell me who you give, and i'll tell you what jewellery to buy this Christmas

The most anticipated season of celebrations of the year is about to begin and, with it, also comes the time to choose Christmas gifts for our loved ones. Among the most sought after, jewelry is always imposed as an option that guarantees success. Nothing surprising: some accompany us in the looks SUV of our day to day, others only on the most special occasions, but all of them are part of the haul of memories that we keep with the most affection, not only because of their design, but also because of their meaning. Few pieces emanate as many memories as jewelry. For this reason, and because at Nanna Folk we know the value they have for all women, this year we have prepared a packaging very exclusive to wrap your gifts and that the experience begins at first sight.


Details that make the difference

 And packaging with charm

 Although the important thing is inside, we also trust the outside as the first letter of introduction. Following this belief, we wrap the orders in their usual white box with our logo, and we add a touch of Christmas magic by placing it inside another personalized cardboard box with our greetings. The recipient will also find inside a card written by hand by us in which she can read "Merry Christmas", another with tips for caring for your jewelry and the materials for our jewelry made in Spain, and a sprig of mistletoe (symbol of luck) that puts the finishing touch and wraps a red tissue paper where the box with the jewel is located. 


A jewel for every woman

 The first crush is clear that it exists. Now, the second step is to choose the jewel that will captivate and go inside this beautiful packaging. To be sure, there are several keys to take into account: the style of the person to whom you are going to give the gift, the occasion and, above all, the personality. As we know that it is not easy, at Nanna Folk we make the task easier for you and we help you, then, to know what to give to each person according to their character or tastes. 

Think first if you want to play it safe and give him a functional piece of jewelery that he already wears or if, instead, you prefer to surprise him with a unique and more daring piece that he would never buy on his own. All options are valid and there are as many types of jewelery and collections as there are tastes. Rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets... Here is our choice to get it right on these dates.

For the most adventure: the Bahía collection

If you are looking for a perfect piece of jewelery for that person whose pace of life is hectic and adventurous and who carries joy as their flag, the bay collection is the answer to your problems. It is a selection of energetic pieces that fuse craftsmanship with the most vivid colors. In this series you will find earrings and chokers that you can give away independently or together with natural pearls hand-painted with enamel and tied with colored silk thread. An ideal option that is capable of enlivening even the most sober and simple styling. 




For the most fashionable: the Lolita collection

 It is inspired by the jovial and fun character of the southerners of Spain, as well as in the flamenco dresses, in the gestures of the Sevillanas and in the great essence that the polka dots hide after their staging. the lolita collection It is designed for those who can last until the wee hours of dawn, the same ones who never seem to be fed up and who love to go out and have fun and dance. Here you will find earrings full of movement, necklaces with details of vibrant waves painted with enamel, and even bracelets designed to give a differentiating and discreet twist to each of the outfits that accompany those nights of fun. nonstop.





For the most classic: the Wilma collection

It is the bet that Audrey Hepburn would choose, but also the one that Lady Di would wear. Wilma it is the classic to turn to when the intention is to give all the prominence to jewelry, since its pieces have been created from natural baroque pearls with replicas cast in sterling silver and finished in gold vermeil. A proposal of bracelets, chokers, chokers, earrings and necklaces that combine the most trends from the time to return to pearls, with their great and eternal legacy as favorites of any jeweler. An ideal gift for elegant women.





For the most spiritual: jewelry meaningful

There is always a person in our closest circle who gives special importance to significant and differentiating details. And if there isn't, it's because it's you (and giving yourself a gift is also an option!). For these people we also have the meaningful jewels, a category of jewelry that is distinguished by having a differentiating meaning that travels beyond its aesthetics. Silhouettes with lucky charms such as locks or shamrocks, symbols of Turkish eyes or Vegvisirs that act as protective elements or pieces with the Miraculous Virgin medal. There will be no other gift like it.




 For the most original: puffy letters

There are those who seek to go unnoticed and those who, on the other hand, love to wear unique products full of charm with which to be the most original and the center of attention. Fashion to personalize clothes has been, for years, a current that has left the children's field to also form part of the adult wardrobe; but the trend of shining with personalized jewelry is also gaining more and more followers. our puffy letters They are designed to dress women who seek to differentiate themselves with details, such as wearing necklaces or bracelets with their initials, their full name or a nickname. We also have options to combine the initials with birthstones (precious or semi-precious stones that correspond to your year of birth) or take them individually. The more special the gift, the more emotional it will be.





If you are looking for even more inspiration, in our catalog we have many other collections that can help you find your perfect jewel. Eternal love, as its name indicates, is an explosion of love and hearts, a declaration of intent if what you are looking for is to show affection. Sunshine an ode to the landscapes and the golden flashes of the sun. Blessed a religious alternative of beautiful medals, crosses and other motifs that applaud the faith. and yesea Treasures a great tribute to the sea. Discover our complete collections on our website and surprise this Christmas giving away style, quality and, above all, care and affection.