'Last minute' ideas to accessorize your looks this Christmas

The jewels you need to shine this Christmas and create the perfect look

There are two types of people: those who prepare the looks for the
Christmas Eve and Christmas celebrations with time and those that, due to the
Otherwise, they leave decisions for the last minute. If you are from the second group
and this week you plan to make room in the agenda to look for
outfits that accompany you in these special parties, you are in luck
, because at Nanna Folk we make your task easier.

We know that choosing an outfit can be one of the most
difficult activities when you done with little time and quickly, but there are some
clear fashion guidelines that always succeed.
when this date arrives

Among the colors that most denote elegance are found as
most popular allies dark tones (and not for that reason boring) such as
black, bottle green or magenta. If you are one of those who seek to be the
center of attention, instead, there are two great classics that never fail:
gold and silver. Bets that capture all the eyes with which
create the best memories or, what in this century is the same, the
most beautiful photos.

When it comes to looking for silhouettes, almost anything goes. Since the
fashion trends will begin to rule that dress codes lack
more and more limits, there are hardly any codes that prevent us from carrying
one type of garment or another. Instead of knowing the what, the how matters.

And precisely because it is not always easy to combine clothes,
we have selected some looks that are pure inspiration. You
you choose which one you stay with. There are options with dresses and others with suits,
pants or overalls. Of course: all with jewels. Because if something is clear it is
that when it comes to celebrating, jewelry is the biggest statement.

We have seen them throughout the year in the most applauded outfits of
photocalls and fashion references, but also in stores. Dresses
shirt-dresses are and always will be an ideal option to be the guest or the
perfect hostess, since when buttoned they subtract a bit of festivity
to the outfit (quality reserved for New Year's Eve) and, in addition, they are very comfortable. To have a clear decision, bet on a long satin design that breaks its monotony with openings on the leg and wear them with sandals of the same color. Choose a contrasting bag and jewelry and… voila. You already have it!

One of the most stylish alternatives to dresses are jumpsuits.
They feel good, some simulate dresses and there are them in all shapes
and colors. You can choose a plain green one, add a fun touch with
a multicolored bag and, if you style your hair with a low bun or let it fall
on your back, with the earrings Cher. A great option that
surrounds your entire ear and highlights the features of your face.

The most comfortable and versatile option is always to choose pants.
You can wear a design with a corset-style top (which is pure trend
this 2022) and add eye-catching accessories such as pearls. the choker
and the wilma earrings form a perfect tandem and are designed for
elevate even the simplest look.

If we have learned anything in recent years, it is that mixing various colors
in the same set it can be an outstanding choice. The
purple, green and orange have always been great friends. You may
create a look full of contrasts and choose a suit made of a special fabric,
like velvet, and combine it with a lace bodysuit and an orange bag
to give it dynamism. Add plugins, like our earrings
aura chunky chain and a discreet combination of rings and you will have the
result you were looking for.

If something is starring in the most viewed trends in stores this year
is the skin or skin effect. The festive proposals of the season are
they insist on dressing us with the air of catwoman. to do it in a way
discreet, without falling into a completely Matrix look, you can wear
a single leather garment with the rest of the classic style garments. It is easy,
you can wear black leather pants with a lace-up blouse
the ones you already have in the closet, earrings flashy like lolita to match the bracelet from the same collection and, if you are a hostess, some
ballerinas to be comfortable. They are one of the currents of footwear that
more successful this year.