Tell me what hairstyle you're wearing and I'll tell you which earrings to choose this summer.

With the arrival of heat, it is the ideal time to play with our hairstyles and highlight our beauty in a unique way. In addition to choosing the right hairstyle for each moment and look, it is also essential to consider the earrings that favor us according to our face shape and style. You may never have thought about it or you may be one of those who always choose your accessories in detail, but in case you did not know: if your hairstyle is in tune with your choice of earrings, success will be guaranteed. 

Choosing the perfect match has numerous advantages: it can enhance your features, help you achieve the style you were looking for, turn your simple outfit into one of the protagonists, and also add a differentiating and incomparable twist to your look. For this reason and because as jewelers we know the importance of choosing a good earring, at Nanna Folk we have compiled a guide below that will help you in your daily choices. Each hairstyle has its slope, just as each slope has its hairstyle. Do you know which ones fit best? Here are the answers:

For any hairstyle: hoops

The Hoops They are a classic and versatile option that goes well with various hairstyles. From with a high ponytail, to with loose hair (either long or short). This type of earring is ideal to highlight your face and provide a touch of casual elegance. If your face is round or oval, opt for medium or large hoops to visually elongate your face. If it's square or rectangular, we recommend smaller, more delicate hoops to soften facial lines.

For half updos: pearls

The pearls They are timeless and add a sophisticated touch to any look. If you opt for a half up-do or even your hair down but combed behind the ear, small or medium-sized pearl earrings will complement your style perfectly. Pearls suit all types of faces and give a feminine touch.

With loose hair: precious stones or flashy materials

If you want to dazzle on a special occasion, earrings with a precious stone are an excellent choice. They look good both with up-dos and with loose hair, but in this second option they achieve the outstanding since they stand out among the lushness of your hair. They always draw attention and add a touch of glamor to your look. If you have a heart or diamond shaped face, small earrings with these brilliants will enhance your facial features. For longer faces, teardrop or drop-shaped earrings will be a perfect option to balance the shape of the face.

With hair behind the ears: tiny shaped earrings

Small earrings with unique shapes and designs are a growing trend. If you have a more avant-garde style and you like to highlight your ears, these earrings are for you.As with pearls, they are ideal for loose hairstyles or updos with your hair behind your ears..

For updos: long XXL earrings

If you want to make an impact with a bold, modern style, long XXL earrings are the perfect choice. They especially complement updos or half-up hairstyles, especially if they are high. If you have a round or oval face, opt for long, narrow earrings to visually lengthen your face. If you have an elongated face, earrings with volume at the bottom will soften your facial features.

On our website you can choose between a wide variety of earrings that will elevate your look. We have different designs of varied silhouettes that will accompany you both at different times and occasions of the day, as well as with the hairstyle that you want. You can choose your favorites both by immersing yourself in our website and taking a general look, and by exploring the different categories that we have prepared to facilitate your purchase. If, in addition, you doubt which are the most successful this year, in our journal we have also prepared a list of the trends that sweep this 2023. You choose!