The perfect gift for Mother's Day is this personalized necklace that sweeps stars and influencers and never goes out of style

There is no better occasion to say I love you to the person who gave you life, nor a better way to do it.

If there is something that stars and influencers agree on, it is one thing: they have all worn a personalized necklace with their name at some point. See Carrie Bradshaw, who throughout Sex and the City does not remove her cursive font; or Chiara Ferragni, who chooses to wear one with her son's name on numerous occasions. Nothing more romantic. Whether to give a mother a necklace with her name or that of her children, we have the perfect –and updated– collection with which to achieve it in the most stylish way. It can not be more trend. We are talking about the collection Puffy Letters, in which there are endless options for all tastes. The most colorful mothers will adore the necklaces with tourmalines or sapphires, which form the most sophisticated and special rainbow to embrace the detail of the name. 


For the more classic mother, but who is not satisfied with the usual, we recommend our  collar and The wrist with chunky chain. Another of the most trendy pieces of the moment and that has the advantage of never going out of style. You know, classic, but with a twist…. 


If what you are looking for is something more subtle and even with a boho style look no further: the model with chains and tourmalines is the chosen one. And finally, if your mother is discretion made person, give her any of the models with two or three letters: pure delicacy, they are perfect to include the initials of the family and now the prescribers of trends not only wear their initial, they also wear those of their children.

The definitive style gesture will be to combine these special pieces between mothers and daughters, exchanging names. There is nothing more loving when it comes to jewelry gifts or anything that will age as well as this. The reason: our vermeil jewels, whose name means that the gold coverage they have is much thicker than traditional gold plating and, therefore, much more resistant.