Coachella confirms that the festivals are back and we have the best jewelry ideas to succeed in them

You can be the most stylish with these combinations.


Coachella, Tomorrowland, Ultra, Mysteryland, Lollapalooza... The list of the most famous festivals worldwide is endless and the celebration of Coachella puts an end to the pause imposed by the pandemic, to give us back the festival spirit in every way. We are not gonna lie: what we like the most about them are the outfits, in which cowboy boots, military boots or retro sunglasses are a must. In addition to crochet tops, dresses with openings and fantasy makeup, of course. But, as we always say, jewelry is essential to close any look. That is why we have made the perfect selection to hit all your festivals.


Yes to corsets

If you're like Xenia and you can't resist the hottest trend of the season – corsets – is matching hoop earrings with a chain necklace. For the former, you can opt for a classic design, or for more special ones, such as our Bubbles model, which bring out – even more – your personality. The Puffy Letters Chunky necklace is a good idea because, in addition to being the chain that triumphs this season, it can be personalized with your name to give it that special touch. You can also opt for a mix of your favorite chains.


Full color

If you are one of those who prefers, like Alessandra Ambrosio, outfits that revolve around the most stylish fabric of the summer, crochet, the best idea is to add a lot of color to your jewelry. Earrings Ningaloo or the Maureen are a good idea, but if you want to add a twist and make everyone turn when they see your earrings, the model Maui coral, in any of its shades, is perfect. With necklaces you can not stay behind. Combine several of our collections Fiji, Brisa The Puka will always be a good idea. You can also mix pearls with other more colorful necklaces, Zenda, AmphoraMacarelleta they are perfect for this. Plan well and choose the ones that best match your outfit: you will surely succeed.


The final touch

As long as you don't wear boots – although if your festival is in the summer, we recommend that you don't even think about it – the final touch of the style will always be an anklet. Or several. Our models Macarelleta, Aretta The Cowrie They are perfect to close any festival style and continue wearing them the rest of the summer.