Emily in Paris: the jewels we would dress the main characters with

The series that everyone talks about (still) deserves to wear the best jewelry.

Impossible outfits, lots of color mixing, bizarre prints and exquisite bags are some of the ingredients that create Emily's character. However, the rest of the female characters, such as Camille, Mindy or our beloved Sylvie, are not far behind in heart attack outfits. Here, the jewels that would dress the main characters with.



The main character of the series has as many fans as detractors in terms of style. And it is that, their outfits, or you love them or you hate them. For all those who love them, we propose to start dreaming of being her with the Puffy Letters necklace with rainbow sapphires. Nothing better than the rainbow to represent your personality. Plus, wearing her name on a necklace suits her just as much as another flamboyant leading lady in a fashion show. (Yes, Carrie Bradshaw). .



As a French woman, her outfits wink at the sophisticated but simple style of the women of her country, who have always stood out for their good taste. Surely, everyone agrees with Nanna Folk that, for her, pearls are the perfect complement to her outfits. Specifically, the Rita necklace is the sublime fusion between classicism and Camille's daring.



Mindy is synonymous with rebellion and, for her, loud combinations and color are two basics of wardrobe. Although similar to Emily's, hers follow more trends and is closer to the most daring street style. Plus, she's a hopeless romantic, which is why we know she'd love the Valentina earrings and the Colibrí Heart necklace, both from our Etrernal Love collection.




The real Parisian. The woman who elevates the entire style of the series. The eternal muse of elegance. This is Sylvie. And that is why we have reserved one of our most special collections for her: Pebbles. Simple, discreet, but with golden details that denote personality, it completely matches Sylvie's personality. There is no better option for her.