Birthstones: These are the birthstones for each month


A lucky charm or a special gift, jewelry to always wear with you.

Giving a stone from the Birthstones collection to our loved ones is one of the best ideas we can have.But contemplating them as a self-gift is, without a doubt, a winning bet. Created in silver vermeil – with 3 microns of 18-carat gold) and semi-precious stones, they are a safe bet in terms of quality and will last in your jewelry box for many years. This is the stone of each month and the meaning of wearing them.


If you were born in January, your stone is garnet. You are a friend of his friends, who can be trusted and loyalty is your flag. And that is all that the garnet symbolizes, with its wonderful red passion, love is one of the points that the stone will enhance. Best of all, in addition to being related to the Heart Chakra, it is also related to the passion for achieving goals, so holding on to this pendant in moments of effort will be your best ally. .



If you were born in February, your birthstone is amethyst. This is, par excellence, the stone of serenity. It was used since ancient Greece, to protect against the effects of drunkenness. Its meaning has transcended until today, to become an amulet against impulses: to offer peace, inner balance and serenity. It is the perfect ally against stress.


If you were born in March, your stone is aquamarine. Its name could not be more intuitive: it comes from Latin and means sea water. Since the Rome of gladiators, the Marirenes used them as an amulet on their journeys. They knew it as the 'mermaid stone' and it guaranteed peace during the trip. That is why it symbolizes stability and serenity, wearing it will fill you with calm and patience will become prevailing in your life.


If you are born in April, your birthstone is white topaz. Do you believe in karma? This stone will enhance the good that is in you, purifying your actions and emotions and having a very positive effect on your own karma. The purity of its transparency – which gives it a radiant glow – makes it perfect for meditation. Finding the way and recovering the energy that day to day requires will not be a problem with it.


If you were born in May, your stone is the emerald. The green color of this gemstone is related to nature, hope, but also health. It is this healing property that gives it healing powers. But, in addition, it is related to the heart chakra and will attract prosperity and union to your life.


If you were born in June, your stone is the Moonstone. Its tones emulate those of the moonlight and it is this reflection that gives it a commendable power: if you wear it when there is a full moon you will attract love. It is culturally known as the stone of prophecy, because it can also be used, in addition to attracting love, to predict the future. It symbolizes friendship, love, health and wealth. Has it all.


If you were born in July, your stone is the ruby. Its reddish color is directly related to blood and strengthens all the social relationships of the person who wears them. In the field of love, how could it be otherwise, it allows relationships to be pure and passionate, but it also helps in success in life and harmony with oneself. It is a source of success.


If you were born in August, your stone is peridot. It is a very special stone because it is directly related to the world of dreams: in addition to scaring away bad energies, it will help you achieve your dreams. That is why peridot itself is a source of happiness, which will help you attract good luck in all facets of your life.


If you were born in September, your stone is the sapphire. Its deep blue colour has historically been coveted by kings and queens, who have often added sapphires to their royal collection. It symbolizes wisdom and prosperity, related to communication, since the stone is associated with the throat chakra. It offers extra serenity to whoever wears it, with an extra level of good sense and clarity of thoughts.


If you were born in October, your birthstone is pink tourmaline. Its colour is very special, and there is not one equal to another: the shades vary in quantity. It is another of the stones related to the heart chakra and therefore has protective powers against negative energies. Thus, it favours eternal love and understanding, attracting abundance and happiness to those who possess it.


If you were born in November, your stone is citrine quartz. It is one of the most special varieties of quartz, a stone that symbolizes purity. Its golden tone gives it a particular solar force, related to creativity and prosperity. Its powers translate into clarity when facing new projects, offering vitality and the ability to make decisions to the person who wears it. Another of its benefits is that of intuition, which will help those born in November to get rid of bad decisions and stay away from people with negative vibes..


December: If you were born in December, tanzanite is your gemstone. This original wonder is from Tanzania’s Masai tribe, native to the country, they worship it for the peace and energy it inspires. Its properties emerge from the intense blue color that varies to purple depending on how the light falls on it and act as enhancers of hope in oneself. Bad energies will also move away from the person who carries this stone, one of the most powerful amulets that exist.