The jewels the Bridgerton characters would surely wear if they lived today

The Bridgertons know that jewelery is the finishing touch –never better said– of any look, and we confirm it.

Whether at the beginning of the 19th century or in the middle of 2022, there is no finished style without the jewels matching the rest of the outfit. This is how Sophie Canale herself, the costume designer for the second season of the Bridgertons, explains it to Porter magazine. The jewels can be used to lift an outfit in neutral tones, to elevate a simple jean outfit, or to adapt any style to the purest Regency style. If you are wondering what that style is, the answer is easy: he is everywhere thanks to how well the characters in the series defend him. Corsets, flowers and pastel colors through, in terms of jewelry, this style is much more refined but just as romantic. And the best thing is that we can adapt them to any style.



Daphne Bridgerton

The protagonist and the sweetest character in the entire series perfectly defends square necklines, as if she had been born with them. It doesn't matter if it's for day or night, there's always a dress with this cut that fits Phoebe Dynevor, the actress who plays her, like a glove. If we attend to the most exquisite minimalism, there is no better necklace to transfer that style to the present than any of the birthstones collection. With a simple top and jeans, the Daphne of 2022 would look just as stylish as in the series.



Penelope Featherington

With a devastating personality, his charisma is similar to that of the queen of the seas, that's why the ursula necklace, with a clear regency aesthetic and discreet as well as powerful, seems to us the best option. It is that perfect ally to add extra self-confidence to any moderately formal occasion and lavish style at the same time. Paired with the bracelet that bears her name, it will turn anyone who wears it into an unstoppable force of style, including Penelope. Although we must recognize that she already was before wearing the set.


Eloise Bridgerton

The most feminist young woman in the series, as well as the least complicated in matters of style, she would shine with the model marilia. Simple, unpretentious, but with a strong personality that exudes elegance and determination. So is the necklace, but the description works just as well for the character.


Edwina and Kate Sharma

The new sisters of the series have arrived stomping in the second –and long-awaited– season. So much so that they make us forget the absence of the Duke of Hastings, played by Regé-Jean Page, at least momentarily. Edwina would undoubtedly wear Gorgonian pearls, a renewed classic that cannot fit better with any of its dresses. To Kate we would put the Oriana earrings, in blue, how could it be otherwise, since it is the favorite color in their outfits, and we love it.