Pearls are our absolute obsession and these are some of the reasons why they should be yours too

That they are the hallmark of Nanna Folk is already stated by Pearls Obsession, our most iconic collection.

With the birth of Nanna Folk, an irremediable –and much more than justified– obsession with pearls was also born. Hence the name of our most iconic collection: Pearls Obsession. They are because of the classicism that emanates from the mere fact of wearing them, but also because of the infinite possibilities that this beautiful material has. Although often considered simply a gesture of traditional style, thanks to the versatility of our pieces, they serve to give a 180 degree turn to any outfit.


With an eye on rising temperatures and a promising spring and summer ahead, the best friend of your favorite crochet top will be the Amphora necklace, which takes us directly to the sea. If you prefer something more striking, the model Tooth It will be the perfect ally for any night in which you intend to succeed. The necklaces Star, Cassandra O Noah are for those people who love challenges. Its infusion of color will liven up any look no matter the season of the year and its daring combination will make you the most avant-garde.


Mixed with gold, pearls scream absolute sophistication. The necklace Macarelleta It is the best idea in this sense, especially since it is loved by Danish women, undeniable prescribers of style and experts in fusing the most groundbreaking with the most preppy. We also love the model Rita, not only because it combines the classicism of pearls with the boldness of chunky chains, but also because the latter are the clear trend of the season in terms of jewelry.


One more point: who said that pearls were only feminine? The catwalks dictate that boys can also wear them and firms like Valentino or Givenchy have already jumped on the bandwagon of this inclination, surely Harry Styles' fault. The artist is an icon of style and, if he has worn them and the catwalks have agreed to imitate him, there is no doubt that you can too.