The jewelry trend inspired by the sea that you have to know for this summer and how to combine it.

We know that marine-inspired jewelry will continue to accompany us this summer and we have the perfect guide to choosing the one that best suits your style.

Made with love, thinking about timelessness, but without neglecting trends: this is how our jewels are. The proof of this are some of our collections, such as Pearls Obsession The Sea Treasures, which unite the best of both worlds and demonstrate the know-how of a dedicated team that thinks of quality and beauty above all else. Both have been with us since our beginnings and show, season after season, that being up-to-date does not have to be at odds with being able to occupy a place in our jewelery box for a long time. Today we come to talk about the second Sea Treasures, because summer is coming and there is no better collection to look at.

There are two reasons to pay attention to her: the first is that her aesthetic is everywhere, from Instagram, to big brands, through festivals like Coachella. The second is that we have all the styles you can imagine and they are of exceptional quality, made with precious metals such as gold and silver and decorated with pearls and natural stones, among other materials, which add even more value. Shells, corals, starfish, turtles... are just some of the motifs that are present in this collection. We especially like the Langob necklace, because it is simple, classic and can be combined with endless pieces in the collection. It is best to combine it with statement earrings such as Maui – in coral or multicolored – or the Ningaloo. They will give a spectacular touch of color to any style and are especially appropriate for summer, because, like the rest of the collection, they scream sea through all their pores.


If you want to bet on pearls, the necklace Cowrie It is perfect, because it is also one of those that adds color and combines perfectly with any crochet dress, any Ibiza outfit or any total black look. If you prefer a more versatile necklace to wear at any time, from the beach club to a romantic dinner, our choice is the necklace Hug. To finish lifting the styling, add a plus of sophistication with the earrings cave. There will be no rival to overcome it.

Finally, we recommend the definitive piece to put on as soon as summer begins – or from now on – and not take it off until you put your sandals back in the trunk of your closet: the shark tooth necklace.. It will be the most faithful companion for all your summer destinations and the jewel that everyone will ask you about. What are you waiting for?

If you want some advice: in the gorgonian collection You can also find marine-style jewelry, but with a more sophisticated touch. Soon we will explain well the universe in which they are inspired so that you fall in love with them as much as we are in Nanna Folk.