5 ideas to wear pearls and not look classic

In the midst of a wave of groundbreaking trends that recover the aesthetics of the early 2000s, it seemed impossible that pearl accessories could make an appearance in the style trends to follow in 2023. However, and contrary to what we imagined , pearls have once again established themselves (if they have ever gone away), as one of the essential elements of the most stylish looks of the moment. The most classic girls and women have always opted for them, but now the most daring are also the ones in charge of teaching us how they are an ideal option to look original and achieve outstanding style. It is not something that should surprise us, since pearls can be kept for years and years in perfect condition, so investing in them is not only a decision that current trends are pushing us to, but it is an investment that we should not never regret. 

If you don't believe us, take note, because below we review some of the outfits that not only confirm the norm, but exceed their expectations. Which one do you prefer? 

  1. The allied combo: earrings with a basic t-shirt and jeans 

Any self-respecting fashionista wardrobe keeps several basic t-shirts, more than one pair of jeans, moccasins or monocolor slippers, a a wicker basket, and pearl earrings inside. like the Pia. All of them are ingredients of a cocktail of magnificent style that defines the aesthetics of the girls who bet on "less is more". But because they really don't need more. If you are thinking of rescuing this outfit, but you feel like adding a more avant-garde and contemporary air to it, with a differentiating twist, you can add brown or black rectangular glasses and a baseball-style cap to the outfit. You will hit for sure. 

  1. At a party: chokers with elegant dresses 

Who does not remember the emblematic look of Audrey Hepburn with a black dress and a pearl choker in Breakfast at Tiffany's? This bet was made fashionable by the actress, but we have seen it repeated, repeatedly, over and over again in the most renowned events. If choosing a black dress is always a good option, add a choke or a pearl choker like our Gorgonian it is even more so. Even if you wear your hair loose, you can place it on your back and complete your look by showing matching earrings, like those from the same collection, the Gorgonian earrings, or if you prefer, a more discreet idea: the Sashas. 

  1. Partners on the asphalt: necklace over tie-dye or printed T-shirt

It may seem like a strange combination, but the truth is that the day we saw the model Gigi Hadid wearing it we realized that sometimes the extraordinary can be magnificent. To create a very modern and youthful look, choose a t-shirt that has a striking print, such as tie-dye, and add a necklace on top such as the Go. Combine this sum with denim shorts or long white pants and... You won't need anything else! 

  1. The 70s are back in trend: long necklace in a 'boho' look 

The Olsen twins have spent more than a decade ruling on the streets that long necklaces always feel good. It might seem like a reviled and forgotten trend, but the truth is that this choice looks great on tops with single-color handles. Both combined with low-waisted pants, as well as with bohemian printed skirts and flat sandals, you will notice that it is a success. If you don't believe us try wear the Mara necklace. You will see how you change your mind. 

  1. The tailoring that reinvents itself: match with suits 

Years ago we would never have expected to wear a suit outside of the office. Now what we do not imagine is, precisely, taking it to the office. At least not with the imposition of yesteryear. And it is that if something has become clear, it is that the suits are already suitable for any occasion of the day: for the day, the night, going to work, going out to dinner or even for gala events with heels. Of course, if you want to wear them and not coincide wearing an outfit similar to any other woman (the outfits are usually similar), one of the style tricks that we advise you is to add a discreet pearl necklace on the neckline, or else some earrings to game with one or more bracelets that can be seen with the sleeves slightly rolled up. On our website you can consult both the collections of Pearl Obsession, Pebbles O Gorgonian to find your favorites and be the protagonist.