It is clear that from 2022 fashion trends accept almost any code. We thought that the style trends of the early 2000s would never have a place in our closets again, but at the end of 2021, the catwalks and street style fashion experts surprised us by showing us that those patterns from the beginning of the century would return to our clothes. closets and they would do so, moreover, with a greater presence than ever. If we talk about jewelry, the same thing happens. You may not have realized it, but endless trends have appeared that follow exactly the same lessons that interest in clothing. Beyond the current fever for gold hoop earrings, chunky chains and pearlcore, the experts have pointed out that now they also take all the ones that we show you below.



We have seen time and time again how mermaid silhouettes were echoed in dresses and skirts. However, and although more secretly, all the marine bets that surround this mythological being have also slipped into our jewelers. Now they come stomping pendants and earrings with shells O sea stars, but also those that have a nod to the corals.


Just a few years ago it would seem corny to you, but now, with Margot Robbie's Barbie movie about to be released, we assure you that the barbiecore (the passion for pink) is on the rise again. It is worn in its entire chromatic range, but fuchsia, yes, is the most recommended to dazzle with summer looks.

3-Forever young

Do you remember when you were a teenager and shared friendship bracelets with your friends? You can feel like this again. Since the pandemic came into our lives back in 2020, everything seems to indicate that we have become (again) much more symbolic. That is why it seems to us that it is always a good time to get a bracelet that he symbolizes destiny, a necklace that give you luck, or one that honors your zodiac or birth

4-Light & color

When we go out to a party or have a special event, we always go for silver or gold jewelry that makes us the protagonists. Well, this 2023 they also take in their most disco version. That is, for the night they like long earrings and chokers and chokers. During the day, yes, all those that inspire fashion are making it clear that colorful options are the new 'must' to follow (like the pieces in our Bahia collection).

5- Mix & match

Erase the word “limits” from your mind. In fashion, they barely exist anymore. The mix & match is sweeping and conquering in combining pieces of jewelry together that you would never expect to wear in the same look. There is still more: the same thing happens with the layering. Gold and silver are now perfect companions, and wide and thin rings are no longer separated!