How to turn a classic pearl necklace into a bold style

A Nanna Folk staple that is also a jewelry classic, reconverted to the most rebellious style.


Rebel and bold are two adjectives that could seem completely opposite to the world of pearls, always associated with women with class and money. However, we know perfectly the keys to wearing a garment as basic as a pearl necklace and not falling into the Old Money style - which Carolina de Monaco has always shown. Although there is nothing reprehensible, far from it, keep reading if you do not feel identified one hundred percent with that aesthetic and want to wear pearls but do not know how.


The first premise that must be taken into account if we want to get rid of the more classic aesthetics, is to put aside everything we know about pearls. White shirts, boring black dresses, moderate-heeled shoes and board skirts are prohibited. You have to look for the totally opposite garment to all this, that is a symbol of rebellion, but that we can combine with hundreds of looks. For this, there is no other that combines all that better than a leather jacket. It is a timeless garment that cannot be missing in any wardrobe and with which there are infinite possibilities.


From there, the combinations can go in all directions. Here we propose the one that seems the simplest to imitate, sexiest and most sugary of all. If a satin skirt in a mini Carrie Bradshaw version does not seem like a good idea, we anticipate that there is no better option. In fuchsia pink it seems to us the perfect tone to give a more feminine touch to the whole.


On the feet it is mandatory to wear high black boots that have some prominence in the look. A basic black bag and a top with the same characteristics will complete the look. Now we just need to add our pearls: we have opted for the Zenda necklace, combined with the Bruna earrings. Because there are never enough pearls.

Huntress - Maje

Mini skirt - Zara

Botas - Mint & Rose

Bolso Rock Studs - Zadig & Voltaire

Zenda necklace and Bruna earrings