Three ideas to complete your New Year's Eve look with jewelry

If you still don't have a look for the last night of the year, or you don't know how to combine it, here are some ideas.

The last night of the year is usually one of the most important on a stylistic level. Or so fashion firms believe that we think about New Year's Eve, because a couple of months before they already start bombarding us with all kinds of pieces to dress on such a special night. Once the outfit is chosen, even if we reuse clothes from other years, it is very easy to give it a spin using beautiful jewelry.

  • A Little Black Dress

The classic little black dress is a safe bet that never fails on New Year's Eve, or in any important event that we face, definitely. A very elegant and successful way to accessorize goes along with large chains, and striking pieces that make a difference, such as the Gorgonian earrings, which will give a special and distinctive touch to the simplest black dress. If we add the mentioned matching chain, there is nothing that can resist this style. We propose the model Matilda in any of its sizes, so as not to go unnoticed. Both models in gold and others in silver will work.

  • A sequin dress

Brighter. Undoubtedly. But it should not be flashy: they should be discreet pieces that do not compete with the prominence of the dress, but at the same time elevate it in terms of elegance and sophistication. We love Oriana earrings, which are available in both blue and pink and can be used to add color to gold or silver dresses, as well as to make risky combinations with bright garments in all shades. It is a night to risk. To match, we can wear rings like the one Darlene, which is also available in pink and blue and does not detract from the rest of the set.

  • A velvet suit

The best way to combine it is with coloured jewellery that balances the style. Without going unnoticed, but without taking the limelight from a good tailor shop. The Cordelia earrings, They seem like a very elegant option to achieve it while remaining sophisticated. A good way to complete this outfit is with a ring like the Gorgonian, unlike all the others.