The season of communions and confirmations has already kicked off and the graduation season is about to fall. With all these celebrations, it is time to choose the ideal gift to deliver at these important events. And, of all those who succeed on these dates, jewels are one of the guarantees of greatest success since, beyond containing a great symbolic weight, they are also one of the bets that accompany them throughout life. It is clear: having a jewel is not only having a beautiful piece to wear every day, but it is also a way of dressing stories. And, in this case, it is also a meaningful way to fondly remember one of the most important dates or chapters in life.

We know that choosing one that fits both the occasion and the tastes of the person is not an easy task, but at Nanna Folk we help you so that the decision is not so difficult. In our store we have a wide variety of styles that have been designed and created with great care so that your gift succeeds without having to think too much. We like to accompany you on all occasions and, therefore, we have several options that can fit perfectly in communions, confirmations and graduations. Below we present some of the collections from our catalog that you will not only like at the moment, but will also accompany you in all stages of life. Medals, letters or stones that symbolize a date and eternal love. Any of them will be a success!

For communions: Virgin girl medal

In a communion, the most popular gift is that of the medals with the image of the Virgin. They are the perfect gift: a way to symbolize faith and religious devotion that, beyond having a great symbolic value in any life, stands as one of the most special, timeless and lasting jewels in any jeweler. Giving a communion medal is synonymous with affection and, for this reason, at Nanna Folk we have a wide variety of different styles that not only captivate for their meaning, but also for their precious design. Of course, of all, the most suitable for a communion is the Virgin girl medal, a medal design with a 19 mm diameter and an adjustable 40 cm chain, available in vermeil silver or 925 sterling silver with which, in addition, we give you a gift, which we also give to you with a little story with the legend of the Virgin Girl as a gift..

Confirmations: Holy Spirit medal and crosses

After communion, a few years later, another of the most special moments arrives: confirmation, another of the Sacraments of Christian initiation in which the Holy Spirit baptizes children as witnesses or children of God and strengthens them in grace. . That's why, our Holy Spirit necklace It is ideal for this occasion. The symbols that appear on it tell the story: at the baptism of Jesus, the Holy Spirit appears in the form of a dove and rests on him. In our proposal you will find everything. 

Light is a symbol in the manifestations of the Holy Spirit, who descends on the Virgin Mary and covers her with his shadow. The heart, for its part, represents a drop of blood and it does so in a garnet semi-precious stone that puts the final touch on the jewel to tell this beautiful story. In addition, behind it you can read inscribed: "Veni sancte Spiritus".

It is a discreet but beautiful design that you can buy in 925 sterling silver and also in silver vermeil. 

Also, if you are looking for another religious reason to give away on this date other than medals, our blessed collection you can help. In fact, in confirmations, one of the most appropriate gifts for a child is the collar Puffy Cross (and its mini version), a small chain (in 925 sterling silver or vermeil) with a very subtle and flattering cross necklace to wear at any time of the day. This is just one, but if you want an original gift for confirmations, you can opt for other options such as the cruz simple, or other more special ones, such as the necklace with the spinel cross, the one with freshwater cultured pearls or la holly cross. Options that can also be reused in daily looks.

Graduations: birthstones and puffy letters


Despite the fact that the season hasn't started yet, there are barely days left before it does. Graduations will soon begin to be scheduled and, with them, comes the time to choose a gift that also honors this date. 

They are very special days that mark the end of one stage, and the beginning of another. Therefore, if you are looking for a more discreet gift, which has a meaning that only you and the other person know, then any of our birthstone designs will be your allies. Here you will find several designs of precious or semi-precious stones and each of them is associated with a month of birth. That is, each gem defines a date of the year. Can it be more special? yes we have too a birthstone design which is also accompanied by another letter pendant that you prefer You can choose the initial of his name and thus create one of the most original and unforgettable gifts for his big day. You'll be hard-pressed to find one that's more different, and at the same time, meaningful, than this one.

However, you might be in the mood for something a little more bold and eye- catching. Don't worry, we also have another alternative to Birthstones that is much more straightforward: the Puffy Letters collection. Here you will find a selection of jewels that include the letters that you prefer. You can bet on initials alone or on a specific name. For more classic styles or other more groundbreaking ones. Whatever your choice, there is no doubt that it will be a personalized, unique and exclusive gift that she will cherish for a lifetime.

These are just some of the proposals that Nanna Folk has thought of to help you choose the perfect gift for any communion, confirmation or graduation. However, on our website We offer you a wide range of different jewelry. There is even more: we also have a workshop in which we not only advise you on any possible questions or inspiration you need for any special gift, but we also personalize the jewelry you want to your liking and measurement. We can make any of the medals or jewels that you have seen in solid gold, if you want to make a very special gift that will last forever. Giving has never been so easy before.