Tell me what your mother is like and I will tell you what jewel to give her

There are barely a few days left to celebrate one of the most special dates of the year: Mother's Day, a perfect excuse to show our love and gratitude to the woman we love most in the world. Although every day we celebrate this tribute and, although there is no better way to thank them for everything they do for us than with a warm and sincere hug, a carefully chosen gift can also be one of the best expressions of affection. And, of all possible, there is no doubt that jewelry is a guarantee of success.

At Nanna Folk we design jewelry with great care and detail to create physical memories (and, above all, symbolic ones) that last a lifetime. Giving a jewel is synonymous with giving affection, love and appreciation. For this reason, we have a wide catalog of jewels that adapt perfectly to any type of woman. We like to be part of her wardrobe and accompany her on a daily basis. This is the main reason that prompts us to recommend, on this occasion, some of our most special pieces so that you can go ahead and prepare your gift for Mother's Day. Here you will find only one choice, but if you browse our website you will be able to see in greater detail what are the options that we offer you so that you can give him a gift adapting your choice to his style.


Classic, but chic: Gorgonian Square Earrings

Gorgonian Square Pearl Earrings are an excellent Mother's Day gift choice due to their elegant and sophisticated design that perfectly blends the natural beauty of pearls with the elegance of handmade jewelry. They are designed with simple geometric shapes, giving them a modern and minimalist look, and the pearls, which are carefully selected and assembled by hand, add a touch of sophistication.


Dreamer: Collar Little Sweetie Galaxy

If your mother likes elegant and minimalist designs, but at the same time different, then the Little Sweetie Galaxy necklace, in silver with a gold finish and different shapes (like the moon or a star) is an excellent choice. This necklace is simple but elegant. It is a timeless piece of jewelry that your mother will cherish for many years to come.


Sophisticated: Anette ring

It´s minimalist, versatile and easy to combine with any outfit, be it formal or casual. The Anette ring is a solitaire design with baguette-cut zirconia and is available in different colors to suit your mother's tastes. It is ideal for the most discreet mothers and can be worn on its own or stacked with other rings.


Discrete: Aura earrings

With a combination of natural gemstones, including amethyst and blue topaz, the Aura earrings form a delicate and sophisticated piece of jewelry. The drop-shaped design adds a touch of femininity and elegance, and its size is just right to show off without being overwhelming. An ideal gift for women who like to go unnoticed.

Symbolic: Collar Diva

The Diva necklace is one of the favorites in our store. Its personalized and sentimental design will make you give a unique and meaningful piece to your mother. This necklace features a delicate and elegant chain, made of sterling silver, which is embellished with cultured freshwater pearls. In the center of the necklace is a customizable nameplate with the letters of your choice, allowing you to create a unique and meaningful necklace for your mother. Your name or hers. You choose!


Fun: Puffy Letters Bracelet with Chunky Chain

If the Diva necklace is too flashy for you, this bracelet featuring Puffy Letters might suit your mom's style better. It features a thick and strong chain made of sterling silver, which fits comfortably on the wrist. In the center of the bracelet there is a customizable plate with the letters of your choice, so you can put your name or some affectionate word that defines your relationship. These are just some of the many ideas we could show you. If you are looking for something more classic, you can always visit our Wilma or Pearls Obsession section, where pearls take center stage. The Birthstone collection is also one of our favorites for creating significant gifts that, beyond impacting with their design, tell stories. On the other hand, if you are looking for originality and your mother is one of those extroverted women who love color, the Lolita or Bahía collection will be your allies. Whichever you choose, surely for her it will be such a special and appreciated detail.