Custom jewelry, designs originals and handcrafted with feeling: we have the keys to find the best Christmas gift

There are no options like Nanna Folk.

Craftsmanship and creativity are attributes that denote quality, each day more desired by those who value proximity, the beauty of what is done at home and the know how. However, they are also hard-to-find realities as fast fashion and a drive for immediacy take over our lives. For this reason, at Nanna Folk we have sought to find the perfect balance between the fairest value for the public and the most magical family tradition transmitted from generation to generation. The result is a product made in Spain, so special that it will not leave anyone indifferent and that it constitutes itself as the best gift for these holidays. 

There is no better way to express a deep feeling than to give a present thinking about the person to whom it is destined: a special phrase, a name, some initials, a nickname ... everything is possible with the collection Puffy Letters. In it, jewels such as necklaces or bracelets can be personalized to the maximum, obtaining a result as delicate as it is powerful. Best of all, they can be ordered in a totally customized way and get the perfect gift, which will arrive before Christmas, to surprise that special someone.

The meaning of the birthstones dates back to the beginning of the 1st century, when they appear written for the first time in the Apocalypse, of the Bible. Since then, their symbolism has been reinterpreted over the centuries and today they constitute a powerful amulet perfect to wear as jewelry. There is nothing more personal than giving a jewel from our collection Birthstones, made with vermeil silver and real precious and semi-precious stones: they move away from the classic tinted zircons, to condense all the power and meaning of each month of birth, extolling the qualities of the person who wears it.


 On the other hand, the  Pebbles Collection,  combines the perfect qualities to conquer the most creative people. Those who value originality, art and crafts, will be conquered by their pieces inspired by organic shapes, the fruit of imagination. Its manufacture is as handcrafted as that of the rest of the collection, just as its gold plating is more special than any on the market: in reality it is not a simple gold plated, but the technique called vermeil. It consists of applying a thick layer of 18 carat gold, specifically 3 microns –0.5 microns more than in the original technique– on sterling silver. A procedure that gives each jewel a much more special value than gold-plated jewelery. If you still had doubts about whether Nanna Folk is the jewelry firm to bet on to give away - or self-gift - we hope we have solved them all. Even so, you can consult our social networks / Instagram, to resolve any questions you may have, as well as our customer service email,