The best Christmas gifts for the most demanding women in the family

The sure hit is a challenge, but with these keys, getting it is much easier.

Reflection about Christmas gifts is a very difficult art, to perfect over the years. The keys are to put a lot of feeling in each gift and take care of even the smallest detail, always thinking of the person for whom they are intended. Jewellery pieces are often safe bets, but they have to be matched to one's taste. Here we propose a selection for each woman in the family, with which to get it right for sure.


For those looking for quality

Cheap is expensive, and our mothers have been repeating it all our lives: thinking about quality when buying is the only option. But betting on quality jewellery does not necessarily mean spending a million on them.The Pebbles collection is the best example, and each of its necklaces, bracelets or earrings are perfect to give to the person who brought us into the world. They combine everything they have been seeking during their whole lives, from an exquisite design to enviable materials, as they are made of 18 ct gold Vermeil. That is, they have a thick layer of gold, not to be confused with a simple plating, or gold plating. .


To the most elegant of the family

Is there anything more elegant than pearls? As Carolina de Mónaco says: No. Nanna Folk's most classic and elegant proposals in terms of pearls are not like the others, and in the collection we can find perfect pieces to give to our beloved grandmothers, such as the Zenda or Gorgonian Pearls necklaces. . New vestiges for the jewellery box of someone as dear to us as our grandmothers, who will later be inherited by the rest of the women in the family, and you will wear with pride thinking of them.



To the most daring

The exquisite style of the most extravagant woman in the family is always admired by the rest. And that style is usually used by the aunt who travels to Gstaad at Christmas and to Menorca in summer. For those women who understand fashion and jewelry as a way to express their stunning personality, one of the most successful collections is the Gorgonian, with several museum-worthy earrings that will undoubtedly fascinate your most difficult aunt. But the jewel in the crown is the Gigi necklace, which will be the star of any jeweller, as it combines pearls with gold chains that are a statement of intent. Of course, it is not suitable for discreet women.




To the most modern

Minimalism is synonymous with modernity today. A quality in which elegance is also found in keeping with the times in which we live. Birthstones are undoubtedly a popular trend among the youngest in society, so giving one to that little sister, your lifelong friends or even your nieces, will be a gift that will make a difference. Not only because of the exquisiteness of each piece in the Birthstones collection, but also because you will give a personalized jewel to the month of the year in which the person who will receive your gift was born. They will never forget it.



To the most classic

The art of giving becomes a real fear when the recipient is the mother of your partner. That word so feared that no one wants to pronounce: mother-in-law, hides behind her breastplate a classic woman –surely–, not indifferent to a good gift. For her, the options with religious motifs - which also have a twist with coloured details - seem so perfect, such as the gold and pearl earrings, which are used for any occasion that requires a minimum of presence and will become a staple of the shop. Your mother-in-law's jewelry box. What are you waiting for to impress the most difficult woman in the family?