Rings to hide a bad manicure day

Bet on striking pieces and you will be right.

In fashion, as in jewellery, the trick to hide details that we do not like is to add striking elements that divert attention from the element in question. For example, when we have slept little, rather than abusing the concealer for dark circles, the perfect trick to bring our face to life is to experiment with blush. If you're having a bad hair day, a statement necklace can do the trick, but an obvious hat will do even more. When the problem is in our nails, relying on the power of rings is undoubtedly a great idea.


The first key is to combine various forms and styles that attract attention, so that no one notices that you have not had time to make an appointment at the beauty salon. Large shapes and wide rings will achieve the desired effect and give the sophisticated image that we want to project when we wear a fresh manicure. Using rings of different colours on the same hand – a style gesture that could not be more fashionable – is another of the pluses to achieve our goal.

Here we leave you several combinations that we love, so that you can experiment in your day to day life and have fun with the simplest style gestures, which will make you the most creative.

  • Bet on the two tones of the Darlene and join them to Tiny Bubbles Y Double Bubbles in both colours, to be the most romantic.

  • Gain in sophistication by uniting the Davinia, the Clarissa and the Fiorella. In this case, we recommend betting everything on gold or silver. Better without mixtures.

An extra trick is to always carry a file in your bag, to fix a possible momentary disaster. If you tend to be careless when it comes to regularly fixing your nails, opting for light and natural colours will be your best trick to always look good. Following these tips and always wearing rings like the ones we propose, no one will ever say that your hands are not wonderful.