All the style keys to combine the most powerful necklaces in our jewellery box

less is more, as Coco Chanel said
Let's listen to the experts on the matter.

“Before leaving home, look in the mirror and take off an accessory”, Cocó Chanel used to say about her way of understanding elegance. Icon of French style and sophistication in itself, she is the woman who freed our hands with her chain bags and for whom we adore sailor sweaters. If the firm's diva had written a style book, she would surely have told us that a necklace was enough to go well dressed anywhere. 

To be a master of fashion like the designer of one of the most celebrated couture houses in the world, embracing simple style is key. This does not mean that we cannot choose jewels of our devotion that attract attention. Today we focus on necklaces, those wonderful pieces that can sophisticate a white t-shirt and jeans look, brighten up a turtleneck sweater or highlight the collarbones by wearing them with a sleeveless top. If we bet on one of these pieces, and so as not to have to remove our earrings, as Coco Chanel would say, we can relax the rest of the styling.

Our collection of simple yet sophisticated earrings is the best when it comes to achieving the desired elegant effect, without overloading the style. For a wide pearl necklace –among Chanel's favourites–, which will stand out above a black outfit, it is ideal to select tiny button earrings that only provide a flash of light to our eyes. No more fanfare, of course.

The same is the case for golden chains in the purest Chunky style, or for necklaces with diamonds or shiny stones that we want to incorporate into our daily clothing. With the latter, special attention must be paid so as not to overload a daytime look in excess: neutral colours, and garments with straight lines, basic and simple, will be our best allies.