How to combine chains: the art of risking and succeeding in any situation

The trend of adding various types of chains became a basic resource several seasons ago. Here we teach you how to do it and not fail in the attempt.

In jewelry, as in the whole of the fashion world, there are trends that become wardrobe basics. Look at the jeans: very revolutionary in their day, but a garment that absolutely everyone has in their wardrobe right now. Or pearls, which in terms of jewelry are the eternal classic to always bet on. But if there is a trend that has become a style resource in the recent seasons, it is to combine chains, preferably gold, and show off creativity in the way. Here, the keys are to do it correctly and always get it right..


  • combine wide


The first basic rule when making risky (or safe) combinations is to coordinate the lengths. We must avoid at all costs the 'entangled' effect, which will also make our chains to really entangle and not distinguish between one and the other. The ideal way to go is to choose 3 sizes: one choker style, one at the height of the clavicle and another in the middle sternum. From there, we can add intermediate sizes and increase the quantity or decide to only use two chains. A trick: the ideal is that, if we only choose two, it is in areas closer to each other. Example: do not combine a choker with a long pendant, because the effect will be disconnected.


  • Combine finishes (color or thickness)


Although combining chains is a basic in terms of jewellery, there are so many and such diverse ways of doing it that, inevitably, trends emerge with the passing of seasons. One of the current ones consist of mixing finishes (gold and silver), to achieve a two-tone effect that breaks with everything traditionally established in the world of jewellery.

  It is also advisable to pay attention to the thickness of the chain and decide, at personal discretion, if it is necessary to add one, two or more, depending on the thickness of the main one that we want to wear. This is one of the subjects in which we can leave more room for freedom, since it totally depends on taste. The only thing we must never forget is to preserve, to a certain extent, the proportions.

 Chunky chains are a great option when it comes to making combinations that make a difference, and at Nanna Folk we have several ideal models to achieve it. In addition, it is one of the great trends of the season and getting (at least) a chunky chain is a must.


  • Combine styles


If in terms of thicknesses we could loosen our ideas and forget everything we had learned, but when it comes to combining styles we can completely unleash our imagination. A pearl necklace is always a good idea to combine with golden chains. In fact, at Nanna Folk, we already have options that do it by themselves in the chain itself. And it is a basic jewellery box that we can use alone, combined in a simple way for day to day or in daring outfits.

Coloured stone pendants are also perfect for creating fun jewellery sets. Along with other similar ones, they will denote extroversion in your personality, while with a gold basic they will be the perfect point of colour that will liven up your outfit and your day.  



What are you waiting for to start combining?