Carrie, Miranda or Charlotte: which Nanna Folk jewelry would each be wearing? The jewels of 'And Just Like That' with which you can now complete your looks

Ever since the Sex and the City movie came out on screens, we all declared ourselves fans of the outfits of its protagonists. When this production was launched for the first time, back in 1998, no one imagined that it would become one of the most notorious fashion references, not just for a decade, but for several. Now, also, since the And Just Like that prequel came out, we can say it loud and clear: few women inspire us as much as the group formed by Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte and Miranda. 

Under a wardrobe supervised by stylists Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago, this series creates a craving for flashy hats, flared skirts, high-heeled shoes and, of course, jewelry as extraordinary and striking as the ones worn by each of its protagonists. In their looks we see how they dazzle with different pieces that, despite being combined with flashy garments, manage to captivate our attention on their own. For this reason, and because they know as well as we do that jewelery is essential allies for dressing both day and night, we review below some of the jewels that they confirm are essential and that we reaffirm with similar models in our Nanna Folk catalogue. Take note, because whether you adore the style of Carrie, Miranda or Charlotte, we have a jewel waiting for you.

When Pearlcore came on the scene to remind us of the power that pearls have, and have always had, adorning looks, both women and men decided to incorporate them again, especially in necklaces. In the series we see how on several occasions the columnist wears a simple design, similar to one of our favorites, the Macarelleta necklace. However, we believe that it is a timeless bet that transcends years and even generations, which is why we also have other very beautiful pearl designs that could perfectly replace Carrie's. The Macarella with colored beads is very original, the sasha It is ideal if you prefer a more subtle bet, and any of those found in our web store can accompany you 24/7 (you can see all our pearl necklaces here).

Miranda has always been much more discreet than Carrie. It may be that, since Samantha's character took another course at the end of Sex and the City, she would rise to the position of the most modern of the three main protagonists. Of course, when she choose jewelry, she doesn´t go for the flashiest ones, but rather quite the opposite. In several of the most famous scenes of the series, we see her wearing earrings that are longer than the length of his coral-colored hair that remind us of one of our most special designs, the Turtle coral. It is about a pair formed by a tiny silhouette of loving turtles from which pink corals hang. Without a doubt, it is one of our most special earrings. Still, we wouldn't be surprised to see Miranda either. with the Maui Coral (ideal for guest looks), wearing the Mauritius or even showing off on the streets of New York with the coral newts, a bet that feels great with your haircut.

If we have to choose the most classic of all of them, it is clear that the winner is Charlotte. She does not usually give priority to jewelry in her looks, although she always carries it with her, but in small choices that simply accompany her outfits, without actually starring in them. We see it when he chooses chains with romantic and symbolic pendants, such as hearts. We love it, and that's why we consider our Sacred Heart necklace as one of the most special.

In Charlotte's outfits we also observe her devotion to tiny earrings, which are often figures like animals. Now, at a time when the trends we wore when we were as children are coming back to accompany our grown-up looks, we firmly believe that the Little Sweetie Galaxy earring pack with matching necklace It is an all-rounder purchase capable of accompanying us at any occasion of the day. But we can talk about Charlotte even more! There is one piece in which she agrees with Carrie: the chains. Both have been seen in several chapters wearing simple silver chains that decorate their necklines, like our Jana chain necklace.

Despite the fact that each of the protagonists has a defined style, there is something that all of them have in common, and that we even see in supporting roles: devotion to rings. Sometimes they are simple, but most of the time they are seen with great designs that elevate (a lot) their looks. In fact, as we are also fans of them and we consider that they have the virtue of elevating even the simplest look, we have various ring designs that are ideal to combine stacking them, or, if they are more striking, to wear alone.