Pearl necklaces: Redefining elegance and genderless style in 2023

In the fast-paced world of fashion, where trends change from one day to the next immediately, like gusts of wind, there is a trend that has captivated both men and women alike: pearl necklaces. In 2023, this timeless classic has taken an unexpected turn, becoming the biggest unisex statement in street style.

Historically, pearls have been considered symbols of elegance and sophistication, often, and above all, in their origins, adorning the neck of women in formal events. However, designers and fashion enthusiasts have broken down these gender barriers, embracing the beauty of pearls in all their shades and forms. We've seen it with the phenomenon that we talked about a few months ago, 'pearlcore': the trend of this type of necklaces has captured the attention of daring fashionistas who seek to break with traditional conventions and experiment with their personal style, prioritizing the term genderless, which seems to be an imperative now.

Pearls, with their timeless appeal and versatility, lend themselves wonderfully to this. That's why the trend is in vogue, appearing in a wide variety of designs ranging from classic and polished to bold and avant-garde. In our online store, we have the evidence.

Long before they graced the jewelry boxes of the world, we already adored them and that is why we launched the Pearl Obsession collection, where we offer a wide variety of jewelry featuring pearls as protagonists. However, if we talk solely about necklaces, we can also introduce you to some of our most applauded designs (and, we must say, our favorites). On one hand, there are basic and very simple designs that match those we see the most in the street style of today's celebrities. Gigi Hadid, Alvaro Mel, ⁣ Javier Ambrosi They are just some of those who have declared themselves fans of them. The Macarelleta It is ideal to wear alone or layered with other designs in different heights.

We also have very original pearl necklaces. One of our favorites is the Shasa pearls, a half chain-half necklace design that is original, but at the same time very subtle. 

If you prefer them with a pendant, now that marine details are also on the rise, the Langob necklace will be your favorite. It captures attention with absolutely any look it's paired with. Looking for something more special? We've got it! We know that a custom design is always a good option, that's why the Divine O the diva can be your best allies. You just have to tell us your initial, and we'll take care of the rest.

And, if you are a fan of Lady Di or The Crown, with Wilma choker you can recreate some of the most iconic looks of British royalty. That pearl choker that Princess Diana wore back in the day was later worn by many other celebrities, such as Dua Lipa, which indicates that these short necklaces hugging the neck are ideal for both classic and modern looks. Nobody resists them. And it's not surprising, because now they have taken on a bold and casual character that shows that fashion has no limits, and that the use of pearl necklaces can be a powerful form of individual expression.

Furthermore, this trend has been enclosed by renowned designers who have integrated unisex pearl necklaces into their collections. From haute couture runways to urban fashion boutiques, the inclusion of these necklaces in a wide range of contexts demonstrates that they are here to stay.