'Stackable rings': style guide to join the most original trend of the year

When we seek to elevate our looks, resorting to layering and stacking jewelry is a success. You may have already tried it with necklaces, earrings or bracelets; but if you're looking for a more youthful and modern look, there's one thing that never fails... stackable rings. Stacking rings, whether on one or several fingers, is a great (and easy) way to add an original twist to your outfits. Even more so this season, we are already seeing how all the girls and women who inspire style are saying that it is a trend.

At Nanna Folk we love this bet, so below we explore the magic behind ring stacking. Read on and discover how you can create unique and dazzling looks with your favorite jewelry. From mixing metals to playing with different styles, we guide you through several tips to follow to master this technique and take it to the next level.

Choose a Star ring

The essence of ring lies in the choice of the "star ring". This will be the starting point of your jewelry composition and the center of attention. Choose a piece that speaks to you: a solitaire with a dazzling detail, a custom design, or an heirloom ring that holds history and meaning. Place this ring on your index finger to ensure it is always the center of attention. In our collection you can choose from models like the Tiny bubbles, he Gorgonian O el bubbles cuff. Choose one, and from there other simpler ones to accompany them.

Diversify and break rules

When it comes to stackable rings, there are no rigid rules. Now more than ever, silver and gold match in perfect harmony. Combine gold and silver, play with textures and experiment. The key is to create a visual balance that is bold and harmonious at the same time. we leave you here the link to all our rings, so you can see which combinations you prefer. He Fiorella silver, For example, it looks perfect in the middle of the Amanda Vermeil and the Twister.  Our star, the Stacking Bubbles , is a sure hit. Try combining the Marcia ring with any of our stackable rings. You will love them.

Create dynamism

The real magic of stackable rings lies in the ability to combine delicacy with fun. Stack delicate, minimalist rings alongside bolder pieces. You can also choose according to your mood. If one day you feel more energetic you can try mixing extravagant jewelry that conveys your personality, or mixing colors to lift your spirits, you will do it easily with our solitaire or Anette ring. If you are on one of those days in which you like to go unnoticed, but never be boring, then the ideal is to combine several minimalist designs, such as the Clarisa with the davinia and the Otilia. You never have to stick to just one tip, depending on the day and the occasion you can vary and play with several.

Choose a stackable effect design

At Nanna Folk we have designs that create a stackable effect, without being so. That is to say, we have some rings available that, placed on our fingers, look like several. It is a comfortable trick, easy to wear and feels very good. Take a look at designs like the Double Bubbles o el Ingrid Double Chain.

Look for inspiration

The stackable rings revolution has conquered social networks. From Instagram's virtual runways to top influencer accounts, you'll find an abundance of inspiration for your own jewelry creations. Explore popular hashtags like #stackingrings #ringstack #RingLayering and #FingerParty for a constant flow of fresh ideas.

Ring stacking is a form of personal expression that transcends fleeting trends. It's an opportunity to tell your story through the jewelry you choose to wear. So, dare to create, combine, and stand out with your rings! Break the rules, embrace diversity and let your fingers become a style masterpiece.