We know what the best self-gifts for Valentine's Day are and where to find them

The eternal winner of the indicated date has always been, is and will be our beloved jewels.

Valentine's Day is a date to celebrate love in all its forms. Gone are the years when romantic love was only meant for couples, and couples were the only ones entitled to celebrate it. Now family love is also celebrated, between friends and, why not, self-love. Taking care of oneself is paramount to being able to cultivate any other love: to build beautiful relationships with people, we must be happy with ourselves. And what better way to achieve it than giving ourselves nice details from time to time. Valentine's is the perfect excuse for it.

There is nothing more recurring, but also not more effective, than hearts. On these dates, social networks, streets and stores are filled with them. And wearing them in the form of jewellery implies minimalism and good taste, as well as inspiring an irremediable desire to take on the world and fill everything with love and joy. The good news is that we have them in every style you can imagine and with which you can start dreaming (and making your dreams come true). The most romantic will not be able to resist.
As a simple ring, but with the most original twist.
Darlene Ring
Like stud earrings.
Maya earrings
Or dangling earrings (for all tastes).
Freya earrings Y Valentine Earrings
If you are one of those who are looking for sophistication, we recommend both the model Aroha, As the Aphrodite: with a subtle heart-shaped touch and a lot of elegance by flag.
If, on the other hand, you are looking for something a little more subtle when saying "I love myself", we recommend that you choose your birthstone and treat yourself to a fantastic necklace from the birthstones collection, which will serve as a protective amulet. The ideal gift for the most mystical, who believe in energies, karma and the flow of life.
On the other hand, the pebbles collection we love it because it implies a totally transgressive way of expressing love and can be combined with others such as Gorgonian, for those who love nature, or with our Pearls obsession, which in addition to being our flagship, are the maximum expression of modern elegance. What is more transgressive than going back to the origins? If you are, bet on them.
On the totally opposite side are the chains, in all their shapes, colors and thicknesses, or the rings which are quite a declaration of intent. For those modern and extroverted girls who have things clear and do not hesitate to say what they think. As you can see, there are self-gifts for everyone.