From chokers to bracelets: this is how the most stylish guests dress this 2023

Spring is just around the corner and with it comes the most anticipated events of the year: weddings, baptisms, communions and graduations. It is the perfect time to show off your best clothes and accessories, and when it comes to jewelry, spring 2023 is full of surprising and captivating trends.

Chokers are back with a bang. This necklace attached to the neck, which was so fashionable in the 90s, is back in trend in the spring of 2023. Jewelry chokers come in different materials and colors, but the most popular are those made of pearls or gold. Their popularity is not surprising, because in addition to bringing a youthful air to any look, they also stand out for their versatility, since you can wear them both with more informal outfits and with guest dresses, giving your outfit a sophisticated and elegant touch. On our website you can find trendy designs that follow the 'pearlcore' currents of the moment (such as the shocks Wilma) or other more timeless and ideal to keep in the jewelry box forever, such as the choker Lolita.

As for guest earrings, the trend this spring is long, eye-catching earrings. If you are one of those who prefers small and discreet earrings, now is the time to step up and take a risk with something more daring. The Fiona -incorporating several freshwater cultured square pearls- are romantic, classic and a never-failing option.

However, right now it is the long earrings in golden tones that are invading the most popular looks at the celebrations. They are perfect for giving your guest outfit a touch of glamor and sophistication, like our Gorgonian waterfall, that will help you to be the most original of any event. If, on the other hand, you are looking for something more sophisticated, but just as striking and combined with other differentiating details, the Wilma (with clusters of pearls falling), the the Kira (with citrine stones), and the Soleil (with pearls and silver balls) are also some of our favorites, as they are perfect for elevating even the simplest look.

Also another of the trends in jewelry for guests are large earrings. These earrings also look good with an up-do that allows you to show them off in all their splendor. You can bet on a special and original design, such as earrings aro Gorgonian that help you immediately add a chic and very trendy touch.

There's even more, because we can't talk about jewelry trends for guests without mentioning bracelets. This season, jewelry bracelets come in different sizes and materials, but the most popular are the golden ones with special details, as you can see with our Wilma model. Bracelets are ideal to give your look an elegant and sophisticated touch, and they can be perfectly combined with chokers and long earrings if the dress is simple.

These are our proposals, but in our web You will find many more jewels that, depending on the look you wear, can be your perfect allies to become the most stylish guest at the event.