Closet jewelry to share between grandmothers, mothers and daughters

Have you ever inherited a jewel from a relative? The answer is probably yes, and if it is not, surely you have noticed one of the pieces of jewelry that your grandmother, your mother or your sister has worn. That necklace that upon seeing it immediately reminds you of the style of one of them, the bracelet that they never take off, the ring that has transcended generations or the pendant that they have given you on a special occasion and that is one of those family heirlooms that you love. They accompany and protect you always.

This is the added value of the jewellery, that of, in addition to raising any look - and even starring it-, being able also to convey emotions. 

Although there are many jewels that you will surely have saved from your family, you are also the one who can create a haul with which to start this tradition, because many of the jewels that are sweeping this season are also the same that you could perfectly find in the jewelry box of any of your relatives.

If you still don't know what we're talking about, you think you don't have them yet or you want to find out about them, take note, because we are going to review below some of the jewels that are triumphant today in the most stylish looks, but that also did so yesterday and will do so tomorrow. We are talking about those jewels that will always be allies and that you will keep (and wear) with special affection: pure guarantee of success. For this reason, at Nanna Folk we have compiled below some of the most basic ones that would fit perfectly both in your grandmother's outfits and in those of your little sister.

One of the most classic are pearls. They symbolize elegance, purity and sophistication and their beauty is so natural that they hardly require any form of carving or polishing to attract attention. In addition, their history has led them to be crowned as one of the favorites to express wealth and prestige. They can be worn both in simple looks, and, just as we are seeing in groundbreaking catwalk proposals, with other more risky and groundbreaking ones. 

On our website you can find it both in our wilma collection, like in Pearl Obsession

In recent times we have also been able to observe how the chains have evolved their staging to become part of the most modern and avant-garde styles. But if we talk about tradition, it is clear that classic and fine chains are -and always will be- one of the most sought after elements in jewelry. Nothing to be surprised about, since they add finesse to outfits and always add a differentiating and feminine air that makes them favorites.

We present you with different chain jewels ideal to share with any of the women in your family. It all depends on your style. On formal occasions, the chain belts They are ideal for adding a very original plus to outfits. If not, you can always bet on that one. bracelet  O custom collar with the name of your mother, basic as the collar Chloe, others that combine other simple pieces with the chains, such as the pearl sasha, or even those that include pendants that protect you, such as that of silent cross with chain. 

And if we talk about rings? those of cadena Ingrid Chain or, many others much simpler (and no less special for that), the Bianca, Davinia or, a more striking version, the Otilia.  

Despite the fact that earrings are generally associated with the younger generations, the truth is that the older ones were also and continue to be fans of this timeless jewel. Although the girls of the moment usually wear them in their simplest versions, the women who in their day already showed us the trends that are coming back this season wore them in silhouettes that are familiar to us, especially when we create more festive or guest looks. . There are special and striking hoop earrings such as the Gorgonians, others that stand out by contain pendants (also of pearls) and, many, whose robust silhouette is enough to attract attention on its own, such as the Bubble Hoops case.

There are many jewels that if they don't go from generation to generation might seem like they have. Because there are trends that never go out of fashion, and, in Nanna Folk, we are committed to offering quality jewels that will last in time and that you can share with your loved ones, generation after generation. Despite these are just some, you can find many others on our website.