To say that fashion travels along with social changes is hard evidence to deny. In a context in which the new claims defend, among other interests, defending equal opportunities and normalizing diversity, the role of women seems to be (finally) finding its place. More and more female names are making headlines and, more and more, the space that is given to them in the world of the arts. And fashion, of course, is and always will be an art.

Regarding International Women's Day, which is celebrated every March 8 around the world, at Nanna Folk today we talk about the role that jewelry plays in female empowerment. On catwalks we see how more and more current styles are betting on more striking silhouettes, a fact that, as nothing is banal in fashion, has little to do with chance, but it does have a lot to do with feminism.

It is enough to review many of the fashion shows of recent years and the street-style looks to realize that jewelry is a very powerful agent of social change. If in firms like Schiaparelli we find busts and silhouettes that are responsible for enhancing the female chest, in other more recent fashion week proposals, jewels appear in the form of a cultural wink in piercings and different details, but also as a great weapon of self-expression in outfits that suggest wearing them on their own with XXL shapes (such as earrings with feminine silhouettes or flower shapes or marine details, among others), as if they accompany other pieces in our wardrobes. From shoes -yes, to stomp on with style!-, going through jewel belts (which highlight our curves), even in bras to join the naked trend. The aim? Reclaiming and giving visibility to women in the world through something that seems to have always been censored until now: their bodies.

Jewelry as symbols of power and individuality

If something is clear, it is that since the beginning of history, jewels have always been endowed with power and great significant value. They have transmitted messages since ancient times, and beyond the obvious power that a crown has as a status and element of regency, there are many pieces that we use the most on a day-to-day basis that are full of added value that helps us gain presence. You may have never stopped to think about it, but from now on you will realize how special they are and why it is so important to take care of your jewelry box.

How many times have you worn a bracelet on your wrist that represents a significant cause or as a or as a sign of sisterhood between friends? If, on the other hand, we talk about rings, we can affirm that they are one of the greatest symbols of independence in fashion: they are not only synonymous with commitment, but are now also worn as a a nod to self-love. Even one of the trends that we are seeing the most lately, that of oversize earrings, also claims the role of women and helps them occupy a main script with their looks, being the perfect center of attention to show self-confidence. There is even more: the pendants are usually special for us and have a strong sentimental value; as the commemoration of some achievement.

There is little doubt that jewelry is a symbol of female empowerment. They are all advantages: it transmits messages, celebrates our victories, increases our self-esteem and, most importantly, it is a good way to help us transmit our personality to the world and reflect our identity. If you are thinking of giving yourself the tribute you deserve, in our web catalog you will find all types of jewelery that can become part of that special collection that represents you. Pendants with puffy letters O birthstones, earrings Gorgonian O pearl that remind you of other women in your family. It is time to take our place.