Of all the jewelry trends that dominate the fashion scene, there is one that has been fighting for years to become timeless: layering. If overlays are already one of the favorite style musts to go out since 2018, now wearing several pieces of jewelry at the same time, forming layers, is also one of the most popular style tricks when looking to elevate any look (even the more easy). Because if something is clear, it is that when looking to differentiate a set, jewelry is, without a doubt, the best option. And, layering, the easiest, since it can be worn from sweatshirts to an elegant dress for an event.

The best? The layering presents a thousand options to stage it. You can wear several earrings in your ear, a set of necklaces at different heights on your neckline or, also, another of the most popular trends in recent seasons, that of wearing various bracelets and bracelets on your wrists. There are as many options as occasions to wear them. Of course: not everything goes. There are some tricks to follow so that the result is outstanding, so... Take note! At Nanna Folk we have listed below some of the most basic so that, from now on, you can start playing with your jewelry and fill your looks with style.

Always think high

The first step to join the layering is always to choose designs of different heights (or at least place them so that they don't overlap). That is to say, if you are going to wear different necklaces, you should place them on your neckline with different lengths, something that, besides being stylish, will help you to avoid tangles. If, on the other hand, you prefer to join the overlapping with earrings, then you will need to have several holes in your ear as a piercing and fill them with many distinctive pieces, such as the combination of our aura earrings with the trio and the Aura Chunky Chain, or the sum of all our Pebbles: the one, the two and the three Together they feel great.

There is a protagonist

Before launching yourself to combine different jewels without reason, you must choose one that stands out or that is the protagonist. That is, if you are going to add hoops in your ear, give them the main role and combine them with more discreet and small earrings, such as small pearls, our Anette earrings or other designs like tiny newt.

Come on! Mix styles

Wearing several simple silhouettes is fine, but if you add some differentiating element, the result will be much better. You can only wear several simple chains -such as the Jana chain necklace, he Matilda and the L Curve-, but it is also advisable to add an original twist with a pendant, or several earrings in the ears and a more eye-catching earring in the middle.

Why not? Matching metals

If for some time combining many colors in the same look seemed impossible, fashion shows more and more that there are fewer limits. Now betting on breaking keys is the most appropriate and, in terms of jewelry, combining gold and silver is, without a doubt, a success. Since in the layering you must choose several pieces, why don't you dare to try some jewels that combine these two metals? If you want to do it, but in a subtle way, you can choose the Brianda bracelet in sterling silver, and combine it with the Curb or some with puffy letters.

Don’t be afraid: Try different silhouettes

They do not need to be from the same collection, nor do they have the same thickness. In fact, the rules for joining layering indicate that if you choose jewels of different thicknesses or from disparate collections, you will create the most original bet. you can try with shark tooth necklace combined with a choker from the Pearl Obsession collection. You will love the result.