A year ago we started talking about barbiecore, that trend that is committed to bathing each of the pieces of our wardrobe in pink and that reminds us of that time when we played with, precisely and as the name suggests, Barbie dolls dressing them in outfits of this color. The trend, which has gained great popularity both in fashion and in beauty, we have seen and heard everywhere both on catwalks, looks from celebrities and influencers who inspire us and among the proposals in store catalogues. However, if we had to attribute one of the greatest successes of this style pattern, we could not resist mentioning the latest and recently released Barbie movie, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. The cast already presaged that it would be a renowned production, but the plot and all the scenery have led us to the fact that, if we were already fans of pink, now we are even more so. It is a sweet color, yes, but since the film came out we can affirm that it is also an empowering color that advocates removing that stereotype that we had that it was only for girls or women, and that pushes us to wear it 24/7. Pink is probably the new black, so at Nanna Folk (we've always been passionate about this color) we've rounded up some of the pink jewels that can go with you to join the trend below. Already have a favourite?

Pink jewelry to wear all the time

One thing to bear in mind if you're thinking of joining the Barbiecore: you do not always have to wear it from head to toe. If you do, it's fine (especially if you combine different shades of pink, or if you bet on light pink), but it's not necessary. The Barbiecore also tells us that we can wear pink details that help sweeten (not make vulnerable, mind you) our looks. A very successful way to do it is by choosing rings that contain some detail of this color. We present several to you. On one hand, the darlene ring It is one of the most special in our catalogue. It features a heart-shaped pendant with ruby pink zirconia. It may be our most romantic design... However, if you prefer something simpler, both the solitaire ringThe how the Anette They are two silhouettes capable of always accompanying you. The first has a small zircon; the second one too, but in a baguette shape, which makes it more striking than the previous one.

You may not be a woman with rings or, as happens to many of us, you already have yours in confidence. We have a solution: how about adding a pink necklace? The idea may not convince you at first because it may seem excessive, but the truth is that the ones we have designed for you at Nanna Folk are very elegant. You can check it by combining the pink coral breeze necklace with a strapless neckline or a basic shirt or t-shirt. You'll see how you're right! If not, we suggest a slightly more original design, the Sasha necklace. It is a half chain model with flat elongated links, half coral in a light pink tone that serves as an ideal brooch for simple looks.

Both the Brisa and the Sasha adapt perfectly to any style, but we also know that the value of jewelery lies precisely in representing our personality. That's why we go a step further and believe that if you are one of those symbolic girls, the Birthstone is what you are looking for. If you were born in October, it is yours (since pink tourmaline represents this month), but if not, you can also use it as a decorative element on your neckline. Instead, you may be one of those sporty girls with a casual style. We also have good news for you, because el Puka Waikiki it will be what you are looking for. Although its aesthetic is casual, you will know that you are wearing it together with the shells in pink tones, lapis lazuli that with the gold details make this necklace have a special charm.

There's still more! The rose bay choker you will fall in love Not only does it follow barbiecore, but we can also classify it as part of another of the most successful trends this year, pearlcore. It is a beautiful design made up of cultured freshwater pearls set with silk thread in pink tones, knotted one by one, and combined with pearls hand-painted with enamel. Also, you can wear it matching the earrings bay rose, an option of earrings with baroque pearls with the same characteristics of the choker. 

If we talk about earrings, we also have a wide variety of pairs with pink details. The Oriana Rose They are ideal for a special event, but other designs that add that sparkle to your outfits will also be good companions, such as the Annette, the Trio, the Margot O the mine. Perhaps, on the other hand, if you also want to join the lovecore (the fashion current that is committed to incorporating hearts into the wardrobe) the Aroha would be orthe Valentinas the ones you need. With them we assure you that you won't need almost anything else to show off your style. 

These are just a few examples of barbiecore options that we have in Nanna Folk. Before buying one of the ones we have selected, we advise you to take a look at all our pink proposals. Now that it's summer, we can't think of a better or more vivid color than pink to brighten up our days.