If we look back, specifically to the first decade of the 2000s, we can remember how celebrities and fashion references such as the Olsen twins (with Mary Kate in the lead) wore long necklaces with cross pendants to give their outfits a differentiating twist, like a rosary. However, this trend, which reached great heights at that time among style experts, seemed to disappear a few years later and remain only among the most conservative girls, who never abandoned their religious chains with tributes to the Virgin Mary or Jesus, among other biblical figures. 

As has happened to us with the 'Y2K' trends (short for "Year 2000"), fashion once again shows that we can never denigrate or forget a style guideline, because after seeing Tamara Falcó's wedding with Íñigo Onieva we can affirm, emphatically, that religious jewelery is once again a trend: whether you are a believer or not.

Beyond the collaborations that the Marquise of Griñón has made with jewelry brands creating collections inspired by the Virgin Mary, the truth is that both among her friends and among influencers such as María Pombo, María García de Jaime or Victoria Federica, we can see how this type of jewelery is once again sweeping the most applauded looks on social networks.

At Nanna Folk we have always considered ourselves devotees of them, and for this reason, in our Blessed collection we have gathered many of the religious jewels that will accompany you both to protect yourself and always be with you, as well as to reign in style.

If we recently talked to you about some of the most ideal gifts to wear at communions, confirmations and graduations; and we also presented some of the most ideal alliances or Bouquet medals to wear at your wedding, now, below, we show you some of the pieces with which you can also join this trend. A current of style that promises to continue adding fans and that gives a delicate and highly symbolic air to any look.

On the one hand, you can find in our catalog the medals in 925 sterling silver or in gold vermeil of the Virgin girl. It is an adjustable necklace interspersed with irregularly shaped freshwater cultured pearls and that ends with the pendant of the Virgin girl adorning the neckline. If you like it, we also suggest that you file tourmaline, which goes one step further and is a more original and special bet. You can wear any of them shorter and closer to the clavicle area, or between it and your chest. It will always give a very sweet air to your look. 

The Holy Spirit medal necklace is also very special, a stylish representation of the baptism of Jesus, the moment in which the Holy Spirit appears in the form of a dove and perches on him. For us it is a very special jewel, because we wanted to represent a drop of blood in her heart setting a semiprecious stone, garnet. They say that the details make the difference, and for this reason, behind the pendant we have also added an inscription that only you will read: “veni sancte spiritus”. 

If you are looking for crosses, like the ones we mentioned at the beginning of the article, we have a wide variety capable of satisfying any taste. We recommend that you get to know all of them and choose your favourite, because, although they are all beautiful, you may identify more with one than another. The mini puffy cross is the most discreet, but the puffy cross simple it is also very elegant. And…if you want to do match and find the perfect gift, we also have a masculine one! However, if we talk about crosses we have many that will surprise you. You can see from the holy cross, going through the openwork with cultured pearls in fresh water, up to the spinel.

Among the other pendants that can accompany you in your day to day there are also figures such as The Virgin of El Rocio, the virgin guadalupe, the miraculous virgin or one of the most special in our collection, the medal Virgin girl bordered with natural stones.

As we are huge fans of religious jewelry and we believe that they are a very beautiful and significant way to always accompany us with whatever our look is, we encourage you to consult our website the blessed collection complete. For you, or to give as a gift. You'll love it!