Are you 'minimal' or 'maximalist' this summer?: these are the two trends that are sweeping this season

To say that, in stylistic terms, 2023 is giving us many more surprises than 2022 is a fact that is difficult to deny. It seemed impossible that fashion could surprise us more than it did last year with the return of Y2K trends (those that recover the style currents of the early 2000s), but the truth is that this time it has put on everyone's lips a concept that, although it had been practiced for a long time, we had never heard before with such echo: silent luxury. When we talk about silent luxury, we are referring to that commitment that exists between wearing high-quality and exclusive pieces without being barely noticeable, that is, without excessive logos or decorations that can give us a clue as to the firms to which they belong. Silent luxury is synonymous with having, without seeming to have it. Or what is the same, is to open the wardrobe of fashion experts like the Olsen twins or Rosie or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and realize that elegance almost always lies in wearing simple and inspiring looks without having to boast about the price of the garments that make them up or of their brands. If we talk about jewelry, we would find the correspondence in those jewelry boxes made up of minimal pieces capable of accompanying almost any of our looks 24/7. 

At Nanna Folk, in fact, we love having allied jewels that we can turn to again and again to accompany our outfits in any of the seasons of the year. We are talking about those that you can wear from early in the morning to late at night regardless of the occasion, such as gold hoop earrings (in their version simple O in ring L), the Ingrid Hoops, the Bubbles Huggies O the pia. In terms of necklaces we always bet by the Macarelleta (which is pure trend right now), the fiji pearls or the Brianda Vermeil L. if we talk of ringsUndoubtedly, all of the ones we have in our catalog are ideal for following this trend and, in the field of bracelets, the prize goes to any of them. our Matilda O Brianda Vermeil, the Curb chain or one of those that have small distinctive details, such as the Flavia.

However, even though quiet luxury seems to be the norm among the most style- savvy women, there is also a smaller group of brands and fashion experts who are betting all their cards on the opposite current: the maximalism. As its name indicates, maximalism states that "more is always more", or what amounts to the same thing, the more charged a look is, the more richness and glamor it will denote. This election is much more controversial and risky than the previous one, but carried out correctly it can also become a triumphant option.

Brands like Versace or Dolce & Gabbana have always shown us this, but now exuberance and ostentation comes with looks full of color or full, if not, of large and striking XXL jewels. We know that accessories and complements are always a good idea when looking to attract attention, and that is why we have several collections in which you will find ideal allies to show off your jewelry with your head held high.  Any piece of our gorgonian collectionn will meet (and exceed) your expectations. You can also combine various pieces of Bahia and create a very dynamic and cheerful look, or give movement to your looks con Lolita. Whichever you choose, you will be sure.

It is not always necessary to opt for one of the two trends. There are days when you may want to look more discreet, others when you want to be the absolute protagonist of any occasion... That is why we recommend that you take a look in our web store and that, of all the options, you choose your favorites to always be up to date without ceasing to be faithful to your essence.