There is little doubt that the trends of 2022 revived the youthful 'Y2K' aesthetic that triumphed in turn-of-the-century looks. If this revival of ultra-short silhouettes, striking prints, screen prints of children's drawings and glitter won as much applause as criticism, now 2023 brings with it another of the trends typical of the early 2000s that has nothing to do with that aesthetic so teenager that we saw last year on the streets: the frazzled english woman, or what is the same, the aesthetic of “exhausted English woman”.

The term may not sound familiar to you at first, but if we ask you to compare the outfits of various movie characters, you will still find the resemblance. Think about Renee Zellweger the diary of Bridget Jones, in Keira Knightley or Laura Linney in Love Actually or in Kate Winslet in The Holiday. Do you find the resemblance? All of them define the frazzled english woman. So that you understand it better, we explain it to you.

The frazzled english woman could be a middle-class woman who works every day in an office and who seems to always be in a hurry and late everywhere. It could perfectly be the woman you imagine running after a train or the same one who files her nails on one of her breaks. Her aesthetic defines that woman who does not think too much about the clothes she is going to wear every morning and who, instead of leaving them planned on the chair the day before, wakes up and chooses a whirlwind of garments at the last minute that mixes the comfy aesthetic with that of working girl. In other words: A-line midi skirts, thick belts, fitted shirts, opaque tights, knitwear, knee-high boots, thin scarves around the neck and accessories that could be selected almost at random, with eyes closed. In the hair: bobby pins in the front locks or large clips for updos. And to elevate the ensembles, without much apparent effort: layerings of necklaces, discreet bracelets and hoop earrings carelessly elevate their looks to create an aesthetic that could very well define any rom-com woman of yesteryear.



The frazzled english woman reminds us of the clothes that our mothers or teachers wore before, but in reality they are the new style guideline that we are going to follow now. And we are not saying it, but it was the Rushh web platform that coined this term and made it go viral on one of the most trending social networks: TikTok. The videos that talk about the term and the users who propose looks to be a "burnt-out English woman" add up to more than 90 million views, which indicates that it promises to be one of the most viewed style trends of the year.

As you probably already have all the garments that define her style in your wardrobe, here are a few pieces of jewellery to complement them. From our catalogue, without a doubt, these are the ones that any frazzled english woman would wear. Which one do you choose?/span>


Hoop earrings

They are discreet enough to turn you into the perfect frazzled english woman. And also very versatile if you want to wear them in other occasions or with other styles. You can wear them with a half up-do leaving the front strands loose or, if not, with a bun with a big clip.


Birthstone necklace

Our birthstone necklaces are simple and look great on your neckline with a slightly unbuttoned shirt or a basic T-shirt. In addition, you can wear them on their on or in layering, with other necklaces. You can check here other models with which to combine it.


Matilda necklace and bracelet 

For fans of basics and crew necks, the it is ideal. It's especially striking with a plain top in a neutral or muted color, but also, if you add another of our favorite styles: the matilda bracelet. An unbeatable duo.


Grace bracelet

Just because a style looks sloopy or messy doesn't mean it actually is (or that it can't be stylish just the same). The grace bracelet It stands out on its own, so it will be able to elevate any look: whether it's a shirt and jeans, or any midi skirt and turtleneck.


Gorgonian hoop earrings

Today's frazzled english woman is reinventing herself and, when it comes to choosing her accessories, she's thinking a bit more about which ones to wear so she doesn't have to put so much effort into her clothes. The easiest option is clear: the medium-sized Gorgonian hoop earrings. They are eye-catching, but not vulgar at all and fit perfectly with a long coat with sheepskin or fur inside, a basic top and any tailored skirt or trousers. This way you'll be able to give your look a unique and differentiating touch.The easiest option is clear: the Gorgonian hoop earrings medium size. They are striking, but not at all vulgar and they go perfectly with a long coat with shearling or fur inside, a basic top and any tailored skirt or trousers. This way you will be able to give a differentiating and unique air to your look.