To say that The White Lotus is one of the most inspiring series in fashion is an undoubted fact. The looks of its protagonists are colorful, daring and alternate between aesthetics typical of more mature women and those of the 'generation-Z'. If in their first season Olivia and Paula were the ones who taught us the most fashion trends, now in the second, there is not one of the protagonists who does not deserve to be commented on for their style.

Tanya McQuoid continues to be one of the top references, but Lucia, Harper, Mia and Portia have also become the most talked about names, not only for their curious personality, but also for their mastery when it comes to combining clothes. Behind her outfits hides a name: the stylist Alex Boivard, who has managed to select the clothes that best reflect her character for each character. And also the jewelry. For this reason, and because we all feel identified with some of her protagonists, we review below the jewellery choices that have helped them to give their outfits a distinctive twist. From basics like earrings (the favourite choice for most of them), to other much more striking and special pieces, choose your favourites!


She is one of the most admired in style, and no wonder. Simona Tabasco, who plays Lucia, is the stylistic definition of luxury. Her sumptuous style is completed with striking jewels, such as the earrings in which she combines original details with the color gold (her favourite) or large eighties hoops. She could perfectly carry both our maui earrings in red coral, like the Charlotte.


Although we don't often see her wearing jewellery, when she chooses to do so she always opts for discretion as an infallible feature of her much-loved style. Harper could very well be a character from the 1960s. Without a doubt, she would choose some of the Birthstones pendants, an elegant bet that feels good on our neckline and that, in addition, gives a touch of colour capable of distinguishing any simple look. could very well be a character from the 60s. No doubt, she would choose some of the colgantes Birthstones, an elegant bet that feels good on our neckline and that, in addition, gives a touch of color capable of distinguishing any simple look.




As a fashion icon of the Z generation and one of the most talked-about characters in the series in terms of style, Portia shows us in the production fun jewelry that any young girl with a carefree style would wear. Among her favorite choices are multicolored chains and chokers, which she wears, over and over again, in layering (overlaying them with other necklaces). From our catalog? no doubt the collar Malibu or the Pebbles Tourmaline combined with the Annette ring in a full color look, and the collar Matilda for a much more festive one.



The winner of Best Actress at the Golden Globes 2023 is undoubtedly, the real star of The White Lotus. Jennifer Coolidge, in her role as Tanya, is exuberant, funny and dresses to match her personality. She loves long statement earrings and that is why it would not be strange to see her wearing our designs likeBahia Sunshine in Oriana Rose. For more special occasions, without a doubt, she would definitely choose the Cher, and an irresistible bet.



Daphne may be the most elegant of all the women of The White Lotus and that is why pearls are her best allies. Of course, she always wears them in original silhouettes that attract attention on their own and she does not hesitate to combine them with other pieces that we would never expect, such as jewelry with details that are inspired by astrology. Like most of her colleagues, she also loves simple earrings to complete her everyday looks. She would love the Maurice's collar combined with earrings Fiona The Also and any of our hoops.



From statement necklaces and chokers to more discreet earrings. Nothing resists Mia, who, like Portia, also declares herself a fan of jewelry layering. Mia could wear either a simple earring look with the choker Wilma, as another in which he let see the Mara necklace with a summer top.