From cowboy aesthetics to 'pearlcore': the trends to keep on your radar for 2023

New year, new trends. If 2022 was the year in which fashion surprised us with the most unexpected style currents, recovering in our looks lessons from the early 2000s, those known as 'Y2K'', 2023 promises to continue its legacy, but in lesser extent. This year we will continue to see pieces that have stood out in recent months in the most inspiring outfits, but also new and surprising patterns that are easier to wear and more suitable for all audiences. Cropped silhouettes and transparencies will no longer reign, but this time the variety of styles will be much greater and there will be more variety when choosing an aesthetic. For this reason and because the year has already kicked off, at Nanna Folk we have compiled below some of the fashion trends, and of course, jewelry, that cannot be missing from your wardrobe in 2023.


Back in the saddle: cowboy aesthetics/span>

The most typical clothing of the Far West is now, also, what we will wear in the coming months. Leather-covered jeans are already flooding the most popular outfits on the streets, but so are belts with large buckles, wide-brimmed hats and, as we have been able to see throughout this year, vests

The classic bet: the 'pearlcore'

The fever for pearls continues to grow, especially if we talk about earrings and another of the trends of the beginning of the century, chokers.They were once a fashionable choice for Lady Di or Audrey Hepburn and now they are also the favorites to accompany the outfits of those who know the most about fashion.

Be Like Ariel: Mermaid Aesthetic

When it comes to choosing gala outfits or raising the label, mermaid-cut skirts are the favorites of the moment. It is about that silhouette that fits in the waist area and has a hem that ends in flight. It is also worn with sequins that simulate the scales typical of this mythological being, with glitter or, also, in its satin version.

The most used allies: earrings

The hoops -and it seems that they will always be- the wild card earrings of any jeweler. Gold or silver, in its XL or the smallest version, there is no doubt that they are the most versatile option. In addition, there are as many earring styles as women's styles: they can be round, square, or even include mesh details and other shapes in their silhouette.

The gothic is back: 'vamp' aesthetic

TikTok predicted that the vampire and witchy aesthetics would be the queen of the year, and they weren't wrong. Lace, velvet, tulle skirts, ruffles and any garment that reminds you of both Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Wednesday Addams or Maleficent are back. Of course: instead of starring in entire sets, the clothes that are inspired by this aesthetic are combined with other more classic and wardrobe essentials.

flowers for the whole year

They are eternal friends of fashion and jewelry. Beyond accompanying summer outfits, flowers also appear in the winter season to give a romantic air to any look, elevating even the simplest. They appear in their maximalist version for the most special days and in the most discreet to harmonize the daily ones.

Always comfortable: wide trousers

If the cargo pants were the kings of last year and the 'baggy' also appeared to bury the skinny ones, this 2023 we can also see how the wide pants remain as allies of the best looks. Both high-waisted and low-waisted, they are combined with button-down jackets as T-shirts, tucked-in T-shirts and basic tops with oversized blazers. The trick to get along? Getting the perfect balance between going elegant and, at the same time, casual.



Punk reinvented: chain and link jewelry

Of all the accessories that were on the rise in 2022 and will continue to be in 2023, those that include links and chains take the winning prize. In bracelets, necklaces, earrings... There is no jewel that resists it and it is not surprising, since they have gone from being a characteristic of the punk style, to even becoming one of the most preppy. Its structured and circular silhouette manages to attract attention on its own, being one of the most popular choices if what you are looking for is a discreet and elegant bet.