This is how the most feminist style icons would wear our jewelry

From Jane Birkin to Carolina de Monaco, through Grace Kelly and even Princess Diana… they all made style their best feminist ally.

Fashion is never trivial: every public figure with a loudspeaker knows this, and uses it to convey a message that is never random. This premise is not new, and women have always used their outfits to show agreement or disagreement with certain situations. In addition to empowering themselves and, of course, having fun dressing. Jewelry can also be part of it, and here we leave the best examples of relevant women in history, with the jewelry that they would wear – for sure – again and again.

Princess Diana

He made the Pussybow neck his own. A tie around the neck in the classic blouses that went viral between the 60s and 70s, thanks to the incorporation of women to work. Most chose this type of collar, which imitated the male tie, to attend their jobs fully empowered. Diana's choice of this type of neck on several occasions was not at all casual and she has been imitated by successors – in terms of style and feminism – such as Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle. The princess would then have combined it with the pebble earrings, as discreet and sophisticated as herself, we have no doubt.


Jane Birkin

What is more feminist than comfort? In a world where women have always been forced to look good, often at the cost of being uncomfortable, nothing. And if it is accompanied by sophistication and good taste, it is a double success. Jane Birkin's is a story to thanks to Hermès CEO during the 1980s, Jean-Louis Dumas, when he met Jane on a plane. The British singer dropped her bag, scattering all her stuff on the floor, prompting her famous complaint that it was hard to find a mother's bag that would cover all her travel needs. This is how Dumas devised the now exalted Birkin model, one that is associated with the most sophisticated luxury and style. Combine with it a golden bracelet like the model Matilda will always be a good idea. As perfectly Jane Birkin herself could have done.

Caroline of Monaco

Champion of countless feminist organizations and projects, Carolina de Monaco is also a strong advocate of pearls. They are his best style ally and have always accompanied him, during his most important moments. Another unexpected ally is flower dresses, with an exquisite one she opened a feminist exhibition last September. And we can't think of a better idea to combine it than some good pearls. Luckily, they are our hallmark, and we have plenty of options to offer the princess –and she would surely love them all–, but we are left with the combination of necklaces Macarelleta, Sasha and Mara  – she loves layering in this sense – and earrings Pia, without a doubt..


Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly's was a story that was anything but a fairy tale, unlike what Monégasque narrative always wanted to communicate. The young actress had to leave everything – her country of origin, her professional career and her life in general – to accompany Prince Rainier forever, who did not know how to make her happy. Despite the oppression she suffered, Grace Kelly, Dior's eternal muse, made her children's lives the fairy tale she couldn't have and became the least expected feminist martyr. We would put the amethyst necklace from the collection Birthstones – which coincides with February, the birth month of her youngest daughter, Estefanía, with whom she died in a traffic accident –, to empower and liberate her in equal parts.