This is how you can make a jewel your daily charm

Emotions are directly related to jewelry and creating your own amulet is not difficult if you know how.

Often, the symbols that we give meaning to during the day to day can help us in the lowest moments, since they allow us to hold on to memories or wishes that we want to see fulfilled. Jewelry is a good ally for this task, as it will give us the extra personality and confidence that we all need, while making our outfits a timeless trend. The Maasai have already done it with their beaded ornaments adapted to each member of the group; or the punks with their spiked bracelets. If you want to do it in a totally up-to-date way and with an extra class, continue reading.

You can start with choose a symbol that inspires you some kind of feeling. It can be something so obvious like a clover or something as special as a key or even a horseshoe. Each of them can be selected as a charm for the bracelet Seven Knots, which also makes up an amulet in itself because it will grant luck to whoever wears it. And best of all, it can also become a symbol of lovers, thanks to the history it hides.

You must bear in mind that the jewel you bet on must be a piece with a discreet enough size to be able to wear it every day without getting tired. Of course, it will depend on each personality, but betting on small figures is usually a success: they can be combined with other more obvious ones, and it does not prevent you from creating a thousand looks without having to do without them because they stand out too much. In this sense, the medals Aysenur, Astrid O Talhi They are perfect to combine in the day to day alone or in night outfits accompanied by other pieces.

If you are looking for something really original, the Shark Tooth necklace is the most special of our Meaningful Collection, full of other perfect amulets such as the Freya Fatima Hand earrings or figures that allude to religion in different and renewed forms, to carry faith always close. What is your favorite charm? Enter the link to discover them all.